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Organic Tea Eight Collections 보향다원 유기농 차 8가지 컬렉션
Organic Tea Eight Collections 보향다원 유기농 차 8가지 컬렉션

Premium Korean Tea Range Now Available at Kim’C Market

Tea drinkers relish Korean teas for their blast of flavors and medicinal content that provide immense health benefits. Tea is a prominent part of Korean culture, and its existence dates back to the Koryo dynasty. Throughout the year, different types of teas are used for Korean traditional ceremonies and as everyday beverages.

How does Korean tea taste ?

These teas offer distinct tastes; they are bitter, sweet, astringent, salty, and sour. They are not generally aged, and tea drinkers mostly prefer fresh teas. 

Types of teas 

In Korea, green tea is among the most famous tea types. Korean green tea is available in different varieties based on the time of harvest- U-jeon, Dae-jak, Jung-jak, and Se-jal.

Korean black tea, fermented tea (Pu'er or 보이차), and yellow tea are other famous tea varieties in Korea. Despite coming from the Camellia sinensis plant, these teas offer distinct tastes. The oxidation levels of the tea leaves decide their taste.

  • Korean black tea: Leaves of this tea are completely oxidized using the natural oxidation process under direct sunlight.
  • Korean green tea: This tea is not oxidized. The leaves of this tea are heated during its production to prevent the oxidation process.
  • Korean Yellow tea: Follows the same production methods as green tea with an additional step that prevents oxidation and imparts a yellow shade.
  • Korean fermented tea: This tea type follows a complicated oxidation process and requires leaves to age.

Other premium blends include root teas, floral teas, fruit teas, and many others. 

Explore The Wide Range Of Korean Teas With Kim’C Market

Purchasing premium quality Korean tea has now become easy. Kim’C Market’s selection of Korean teas includes black tea, Mugwort tea, green tea, matcha, pine-infused tea, and more. 

No more checking Google for ‘Best Korean Tea Near Me.’ These locally sourced and organically grown teas come from the top tea farms of Korea. The flavored and aromatic tea range offers rich antioxidant content and other nutrients that strengthen the immune system.

What more? 

Kim’C Market’s tea selection undergoes stringent quality checks, ensuring you get the best quality. Get top tea brands delivered right to your doorstep with Kim’C Market today!