Korean Kimchi is one of the most well known Korean dishes. 
Kim'C Market shares only the best kimchi made of clean, 100% Korean ingredients.
Those ingredients are of extraordinary qualities, and from towns and regions known for those specialties.  Click here to read more about kimchi 
나주 배, 의성 마늘, 직접 담아 토굴에서 1년간 숙성한 신안 새우젓 등.
이름난 고장의 재료와 정성을 기울여 만든 김치를 여러분과 나눕니다.


Shipping Information:

Kimchi is made-to-order freshly in Korea then shipped directly to your home.   

Any orders placed by 11:59pm, Thursday EST will be made fresh on the following Monday (in Korea time), and depart for the U.S. by Wednesday. You can expect your kimchi to arrive at your door in the U.S. by Friday that week.

(i.e. You placed an order on 5/25 (W) then you will receive it by 6/3 (F))  

Shipping and packaging materials are expensive. Requests from the customers who have tasted HaeDamChon continued, so we decided to offer this again.