Korean Rice

Kim'C Market is a rice specialist that carries only clean, tasty, and healthy Korean rice.  We offer a carefully picked selection of organic, arsenic-free rice breeds sourced directly from farmers in Korea.  To ensure the quality of taste, Kim’C Market offers its own line of 100% premium Korean rice, milled-to-order right in New York. Want to taste the wonders of freshly milled rice?  Look for our Charm Dream, Golden Queen III, Gawaji, or Samgwang rice, packed in our iconic brown bag packaging.  We let you customize the milling rate!

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    Charm Dream Rice  참드림 쌀 [100% Korean Rice; Freshly Milled in New York]
    Charm Dream Rice  참드림 쌀 [100% Korean Rice; Freshly Milled in New York]
    Gawaji No. 1 Rice  가와지 1호 쌀 [100% Korean Rice; Freshly Milled in New York]
    Samgwang Rice  삼광미 [100% Korean Rice; Freshly Milled in New York]


    Top Korean Rice Brands Now at Kim’C Market

    In Korean cuisine, rice has more importance than just a staple. It indicates prosperity and life. Many Korean cuisines make use of a wide variety of rice. As Korea has mountainous geography, four seasons, and long winter months, growing rice in Korea requires effort and effective time management. Despite these factors, rice from Korea is among the top rice breeds. 

    As it is gluten-free, Korean people consume different varieties of rice daily. 

    • The baekmi 백미 or short-grain white Korean rice is the prime rice variety. It offers the best taste and is a favorite among Korean people. It goes well with kimchi, soups, and meats, or any other side dishes. 
    • The Hyunmi 현미 or brown rice with short grain has bran and germ intact. It offers high nutritional content, fiber, and vitamins. In Korea, people often eat a combination of brown and white Korean rice. 
    • Black Korean rice is another prominent variety of Korean rice known as Heukmi 흑미. This rice variety contains high iron and fiber content, making it a healthy substitute for white rice.

    Get Top Quality Korean Rice Delivered To Your Doorstep Today!

    As rice is a staple in Korea, it is essential to use top-quality despite being labeled as Korean rice. Kim'C Market provides premium Korean rice brands that are healthy and tasty. Our rice selections undergo a careful selection process. We offer rice breeds that are organically grown pesticides and arsenic-free sourced right from Korean farms. 

    Buy the Best Korean Rice from Kim’C Market!

    Along with top Korean rice brands like Hyangminara Rice Golden Queen III, Kang Daein Organic Rice of Life, Gawaji No. 1, Charm dream, Kim’C Market also has its premium rice range. The 100% organic, best Korean rice is milled per order in New York, thus ensuring ultimate freshness. Our freshly-milled rice is packed fresh in brown paper bags. We also offer milling rate customization so you can enjoy the best Korean rice delivery at your doorstep.