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Bibimbap Starter Kit

Bibimbap Starter Kit

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Bundle contains:

  • Shin Dongjin (2lb) White Rice: 100% Korean rice, grown and harvested in Jeollabuk-do, Korea, and milled fresh in New York City.

Storage Method: Please keep this rice in the refrigerator. Our farmers use a little amount of pesticide and skip the smokey pesticide process which eliminates even bug eggs. Storing the rice in a moist or warm area can possibly hatch rice eggs that are not removed because of the farmers minimal processing. Storage in the refrigerator will also maintain the freshness.

  • Kisoondo Strawberry Gochujang (230g): 100% Red pepper (Korea), Fermented soybean, Glutinous rice, Strawberries, Roasted bamboo Salt, Soy sauce, and Malt. Keep refrigerated after opening.
  • Uncle Gurye Namul Bibimbap Gondre (13g): Gondre 38%, radish, carrots, mushrooms. Store at room temperature or refrigerate. (Dried vegetable flavor may change depending on availability).




Bibimbap is literally translated to "mixed rice"; bibim (mixed) and bap (rice). As long as you have your veggies, bap, gochujang, and sesame oil, you have your bibimbap ready to go!


  1. First, wash and soak 1 to 2 servings of rice in water.

  2. Remove contents of the package and rinse in running water (Soaking not necessary).

  3. Add appropriate amount of water (the usual for serving size) to rice, add the namul bibimbap ingredients on top, and cook (no additional water needed for the namul).

  4. When done, mix well with Strawberry Gochujang and Sesame Oil. Extra: Top it off with a fried egg to add flavor and make it a more nutritionally balanced meal.



About Shin Dongjin
Shin Dongjin is a popular variety in Jeolla-do, a southwestern part of Korea known for its huge rice production. Gimje where Kim’C Market is sourcing Shin Dongjin has big rice paddy fields. Shin Dongjin has a thick body making a pleasant chew.

About Kisoondo
With a well-guarded secret passed down through many generations, the Fermentation Master Ki Soondo crafts the essence of Korean culinary tradition with unparalleled dedication year after year.  Like a well-choreographed symphony, every November in the lunar calendar, this culinary genius performs her magic. First, meticulously preparing the fermented soybean blocks (meju), which undergo a month-long fermentation journey. Then, the handcrafted bamboo salt (jukyeom) is added, and the mixture matures gracefully in large earthenware jars.

About Uncle Gurye
Uncle Gurye is a nature-studying brand of farmers. Hygienically processing various kinds of namul with no loss of nutrients, the company is dedicated to promoting the namul. All products are manufactured in HACCP-certified facilities.

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