Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼

Father's Hill


Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼
Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼
Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼
Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼
Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼
Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼
Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼
Father's Hill Korean Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar 아빠랑곡물당 무설탕 잼

Father's Hill, which started with a father’s love who wanted his sick daughter to be able to eat everything she wanted without hurting her health, is a trusted brand that has received the HACCP (Safety Management Certification).  Now, we introduce a variety of Father’s Hill products, Fruit Jam with No Added Sugar, and Sweet Potato Latte.  

All of the ingredients are 100% Korean.  Even the fruits are all from Korea. Unlike other jams you see in the market, Fruit Jams from Father’s Hill has no added sugar.  The sweetness comes from fruits and the natural sugar obtained by boiling Korean grains for more than 13 hours.  It is traditional Jocheong which is a simple syrup that’s easy to use for any food. 

So with the combination of the grain syrup, the fruit jam comes in a variety of delicious flavors; Strawberries, Grapes, Blueberries, Figs, and Citron.  Enjoy the healthy jams made from 100% Korean fruits and grains through Kim'C Market. With its healthy sweetness, colorful fruits, and packaged in bright colors, make breakfast fun by choosing from many flavors, adding a tasty accessory to your favorite bread, yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.

‘딸이 먹고 싶은 것을 마음껏 먹을 수 있으면 좋겠다’는 생각 하나로 시작한 <아빠랑 Father’s Hill>은 순수한 첫마음을 간직한, 믿을 수 있는 곳이에요.  HACCP(안전관리인증)을 받아 안전성에도 신뢰가 가지요. 이제는 가족 모두가 즐길 수 있도록 곡물당으로 만든 무설탕 과일잼, 고구마 라떼 등 다양한 제품을 선보입니다.  과일 포함 모든 원료가 한국산이에요.  

한국산 곡물로 13시간 이상 응축해 얻어내는 천연 곡물당은 전통식품 ‘조청'의 생산 방식과 동일한데요.  시럽처럼 묽어서 어디에든 사용하기 간편해요. 이러한 곡물당과 잘 어울리는 과일인 딸기, 포도, 블루베리, 무화과, 유자로 무설탕 잼을 만들었고, 특히 자색고구마맛은 잼으로는 물론, 따뜻한 우유에 녹여 라떼로도 즐길 수 있어서 ‘자색 고구마 라떼' 로 이름 붙여졌지요.  한국 국내산 과일과 곡물로 만든 무설탕 건강한 잼을 김씨마켓을 통해 미국에서 받아보세요. 빵, 요거트, 시리얼, 오트밀등 좋아하는 아침식사에 건강한 단맛, 다채로운 과일맛, 골라먹는 재미까지 즐겨보세요.


This strawberry jam includes grain syrup made only from rice and barley, and strawberry from Nonsan, the area known to produce the highest quality strawberry in Korea.  Unlike other jams that always contain sugar and pectin (coagulants), this healthy jam from Father’s Hill has only 100% Korean strawberries and grain syrup. No additives.


쌀과 보리로만 만든 곡물당을 100% 국내산 딸기로 만든 잼에 넣은 딸기잼 입니다.  타사 잼에는 빠지지 않는 설탕과 팩틴(응고제)이 전혀 들어 있지 않고, 오직 국내산 딸기와 곡물당만 들어있는 건강한 잼 입니다.  우리나라 최고의 딸기 재배지인 충청남도 논산의 딸기로 만듭니다.


Korean grapes are known for its thick skin, the skin usually isn’t eaten but squeezed to pop out the flesh which is sweet.  Using the grain syrup and these Korean grapes, this sugar-free jam will have a distinctly different flavor from grape jam that is most familiar in the United States.


한국 포도 맛있는건 다 아시죠?  한국 국내산 포도품종의 진한 맛이 그대로 담겨있는 아빠랑 무설탕 포도잼은 미국에서 늘 사먹는 포도잼과는 확연히 다른 풍미가 느껴집니다.  


When you’re in the mood for a night of wine and cheese, open up this no-added-sugar fig jam to pair perfectly with the spread.  You can also mix in this sweet and fragrant Korean fig jam on bread or mix it with yogurt. Figs are from Youngam, Jeonnam Province. 


딸 나희에 대한 사랑이 가득 담긴 아빠랑 무설탕 무화과잼은 무화과 산지로 유명한 전라남도 영암의 무화과 100%, 쌀과 보리로 만든 곡물당만 넣어 만들었어요.  갑자기 문득 무화과가 먹고 싶을땐 달콤하고 향긋한 아빠랑 무화과 잼을 빵에 바르거나, 요거트에 잘 섞어 드셔보세요.  


The yuja jam contains no added sugar.  It's a flesh-free spread formula that's easy to mix with bread or yogurt.  Melt in warm water in the winter and enjoy as a citrus tea! One hundred percent of yuja is from Goheung, Jeonnam Province.


유자의 맛과 향을 은은하게 즐길 수 있는 무설탕 유자잼에는 설탕이 전혀 들어있지 않아요.  과육이 없는 스프레드 제형으로 빵이나 요거트에 쉽게 바르거나 섞을 수 있어요. 겨울철엔 따뜻한 물에 녹여 유자차로도 즐겨보세요!  국내 최고의 유자산지인 전라남도 고흥의 유자만 사용합니다. 


Sugar-free blueberry jam made with Korean grown blueberries is mixed with grain syrup instead of sugar or additives.  It's a fun texture with fresh, sweet blueberries that are chewy in the flesh. Father’s Hill only uses blueberry from Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi Province that is known for the highest quality blueberry in Korea.


국내산 블루베리로 만든 무설탕 블루베리잼은 설탕이나 첨가물 대신 국내산 천연 곡물당을 넣어 만들었어요. 상큼하고 달콤한 블루베리가 그대로 들어있어 과육이 적당히 씹히는 재미있는 식감이에요.  블루베리 역시 한국 최대의 산지인 경기도 평택에 소재한 밝은세상농장의 블루베리만 사용합니다.  

Purple Sweet Potato

Home-grown purple sweet potato and grain syrup make up this jam which is named latte for a special reason.  You can also enjoy it as a jam, but it's especially made for busy professionals and students on the go to enjoy as a meal.  Mix 2.5 cups of warm milk (any type of milk) with 1 tablespoon of purple sweet potato latte to complete the mixture with a sweet flavor.  Enjoy a warm or cool iced latte! Father’s Hill uses purple sweet potato only from Goheung, Jeonnam Province.


직접 삶은 국내산 자색고구마와 곡물당으로 만든 자색고구마 잼은 특별히 라떼 라고 이름 붙여 졌어요.  잼으로도 즐길수도 있지만, 특별히 바쁜 직장인과 학생들에게 한끼 식사처럼 든든하게 즐길 수 있도록 만들었기 때문이죠.  따뜻한 우유(두유) 2.5에 자색 고구마라떼 1비율로 섞으면 달콤하고 고소한 자색고구마맛이 그대로 담긴 라떼가 완성됩니다.  따뜻하게 혹은 시원한 아이스 라떼로 즐겨보세요! 우리나라에서 최고의 자색고구마를 재배하는 전라남도 고흥산 자색고구마만 사용합니다.


When his daughter Nahee was born with severe eczema, a young father Juho went through strenuous measures, making lifestyle changes to free his child from her skin condition.  Going through anxious days with no signs of her recovery, he abandoned his engineering job at a semiconductor chip maker and moved his family south to his hometown Goheung.

Juho began farming organic grains thinking they would help Nahee.  Conscious about her eating, the father also started making traditional grain syrup to replace sugar.  Being surrounded by the town’s clean environment and consuming no more sugar, Nahee, now 13, is happy now that her eczema is almost gone.

Juho created Father’s Hill in 2013 to share his grain syrup and other organic products he loves.  The company logo is a drawing work by Nahee.

Why so special?

There is absolutely no sugar added to Father’s Hill products.  The jam products are sweetened with a mixture of the company’s famous grain syrup made from the natural sugar extraction that occurs through condensing organic grains.


Ingredients: All natural, locally farmed grains and domestically produced Korean fruits
Brand & Artisan: Four sincere people in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, South Korea
Best Use: Enjoy as an easy spread on bread or mixed in with yogurt.  The jams are a softer texture, which makes it easy to blend into drinks as well.
Best before date: Printed on package.
Product delivered to you will be at least three months from expiration date unless on sale.