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MIM Dduckbaegi Soup Bowl with Lid

MIM Dduckbaegi Soup Bowl with Lid

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온:기 밈 뚝배기 직화

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Material: 100% Sancheong pottery clay

Size: W 4in x H 2.5in (W 10cm x H 6.2cm)

Weight: 440ml

Care and Use:
* ON:GI is made with a porous material and absorbs moisture well; do not soak in water for more than 30 minutes.
* Highlight cooktops are compatible, but wipe off all surface moisture before use
* If using induction cooktops, converter plates are necessary. (Although safe, induction is not recommended)
* Recommended hand washing immediately after use
* To address scorch marks, sprinkle baking soda (100% sodium bicarbonate) and brush to clean.
* After cleaning, dry on low heat or in sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place with low temperature and humidity.
* To be used as cookware for food with moisture, heating with only dry foods may lead to overheating and damage.
* If there are lingering odors, boil water for one minute with any of the following: mandarin zest, lemon wedge, tea leaves, or vinegar.


ON:GI recognizes a disparity between the vibrant soup and jjigae culture in Korea and the bland, uniform appearance of the typical black ttukbaeji it’s usually served in. To bridge this gap and complement the artistry of home cooking, ON:GI has crafted intricately designed, handmade pieces of functional, heat-resistant pottery cookware.

Crafted from obu clay and heat-resistant porous soil mined from the Sancheong region of Gyeongsangnam-do, this ceramic ware boasts an earthy color palette. Coated with a mineral-based glaze containing iron and fired at 2282°F, ON:GI offers 24 distinct lines aligned with the solar terms of the lunisolar calendar. Each color and shape, subtly influenced by traditional aesthetics, harmoniously complements Korean cuisine.

What types of cooking are ON:GI suitable for
* Boiled or steamed dishes are great, such as cooking rice, whole grains, meat, or blanching vegetables, as it preserves the natural taste of foods as much as possible.
* Other dishes that can be cooked on the spot, such as stews and soups, are also great for ON:GI

How to make the most of your earthenware
To season your ON:GI, we recommend cooking rice or making porridge to naturally create a protective layer on the porous earthenware. Boiling viscous flour water or rice-rinse water is also effective.

사이즈가 아담해서 아기자기하고 너무 귀여워요. 항아리와 가마솥 공기는 반질반질하고 깨끗하고, 뚝배기는 조금 더 러프한 흙이 느껴지는 재질입니다. 가마솥 공기는 밥그릇 딱 한 그릇 정도 크기이고, 뚝배기도 1인용 크기입니다. 쓰기 아까울 정도로 너무 귀엽지만 정성껏 한 음식이 더 돋보여서 집에서 잘 차려먹고 싶을 때다, 손님들 접대용으로 내놓으면 정말 좋을 것 같아요. 뚝배기는 찌개나 국을 끓여서 바로 따뜻하게 식탁으로 낼 수 있고, 따뜻한 게 계속 유지 되는 점이 참 좋아요.

하이라이트: 보글보글 찌개를 따뜻하게 담아내는 미담의 뚝배기. 뚜껑으로 따뜻하게 온기를 유지하세요. 한식은 물론, 스프나 스튜도 멋스럽게 담아낼 수 있는 보울입니다.


ON:GI is a collection of traditional Korean heat-resistant earthenware, meticulously crafted by artists Jeong Won-seob, in charge of technical and material design, and Lee Hyeon-gyu, who oversees concept and design. Each piece reflects the timeless essence of seasons and culture, brought to life by the weathered hands of these practiced artisans. The motifs draw inspiration from Korea’s ancient culture and the ever-changing nuances of nature.

온:기는 정원섭, 이현규 작가가 하나하나 제작하는 한국 전통의 내열도기입니다. 묵묵히 장인의 손을 거쳐 온:기에 담기게 된 계절과 시간을 느껴보세요. 한국의 자연의 변화와 고대 문화 에서 모티브를 얻은 디자인입니다.

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