Snacks and Beverages

Our line of Korean snacks is made with only the healthiest ingredients.  Crispy and crunchy, sweet and salty, we’ve got every snack you need to satisfy that mid-day craving. 
이름난 농장에서 생산된 원료만으로 만든 스낵이라거나 수작업으로 생산한 정성 담긴 과자 등을 선보입니다.

Best Korean Snacks Online at Your Doorstep

We offer a large variety of Korean snacks including anything from chips to beverages. Moreover, these products contain healthy ingredients. Our traditional Korean snack selection offers crisp and sweet snacks like sweet potato chips. Sweet potato is beloved in Korea for its mix of flavors and does not require an artificial flavoring process. These vitamin and mineral-rich snacks are perfect for health-conscious folks who crave some healthy bites. Rice chips and rice puffs are another healthy snack addition suitable for both kids and adults. Kim'C Market's Korean snacks range is organically flavored, air-fried, and packed fresh. Other famous mini bite offerings include fish crisps, vegan crisps, honey chestnuts, fruit chips.

A healthy, environment-friendly, and organic dry fruit snack goes well with afternoon tea or those midday hunger pangs. Kim’C Market’s popular Korean snack offerings include naturally flavored no sugar dried pear, peaches, and jujube, all made with organic formulation collection. Our juice range includes premium fruit juices sourced from small family farms and bestselling juice brands. We also offer Woorido Sanyangsam Soy Milk and Owl's Storeroom Matured in Honey Loquat.

Purchasing Korean Snacks Online Is Easy With Kim’C Market

When looking for traditional Korean snacks of high quality. Kim’C Market offers a wide range of popular Korean snacks for your mid-day hunger pangs. All our products are passed through stringent quality checks and delivered fresh and crisp at your home.

Our Korean food chain delivers the best Korean snacks for small kids like jellies and candies. We also offer a wide range of authentic antioxidant rich Korean teas. Purchase this exclusive range of Korean snacks online and get easy doorstep delivery in the U.S today!