Passing around a snack is another way to enjoy quality time with friends and family.  We agree with this mommy blogger, it’s hard enough to find an enjoyable snack to eat, but it’s even harder for allergy restrictions that limit our choices.  Watch a movie, catch up at a book club, keep play dates nourished with these best Korean snacks which are a healthy alternative to a high in sugar candy bar.  These are the top 10 Korean snacks you must try.

rice snacks

1. Ecomom SanGol Organic Rice Snacks 
Sangol Rice Snacks were carefully selected by parents, making it good for kids with allergies. Made with 100% organic rice grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers in a healthy and clean environment, you can be rest assured this snack is always OK to give your children.

You won't find any confusing ingredients on these baby approved labels.  Try the three flavors of rice, sweet pumpkin, and apple, all organic.

ecomom honey chestnuts

2. Ecomom SanGol Honey Chestnut
Grown in Jirisan, which is located in the northeast for the best condition to grow, chestnuts are the only nut in the world to have Vitamin C and have only a fourth of the calories compared to other nuts such as almonds and pecans.  Glazed with Korean honey, the first bite is savory and soft with a sweet finish.

organic garlic toast bread

3. Nenia Garlic Toast Bread
The healthy ingredients in this melt-in-your-mouth toast snack are from pesticide-free farms in Korea. Using Korean wheat, Korean butter made of Korean milk (not margarine), minced Korean garlic and Korean parsley, there’s no dough enhancer nor gluten in Nenia Garlic Toast Bread.  This is a product of several hours of fermentation at a low temperature and no preservatives.  Once you take a crispy bite of this bread, your mouth will be full with rich, roasted garlic flavor.  With some savory food on top, this bread snack can serve a delicious canapé.

4. Jeju Mami Bap-Ssim Nurungji
Nurungji 누룽지 is scorched rice, also known as crunchy rice.  It is a thin crust of slightly browned rice at the bottom of the cooking pot.  It is produced during the cooking of rice over direct heat from a flame.  With Jeju Bap-Ssim you don't need to cook rice or scorch it over a flame.  This is already made for you to enjoy right away.  Jeju Bap-Ssim means the heart and power of rice.  Made without adding any additives such as sweeteners or preservatives, Jeju Bap-Ssim uses only brown rice that is prepared to maximize the savory taste of Nurungji, preserving the nutty taste of healthy brown rice.  Nurungji is a Korean pastime snack enjoyed by all ages.  Eat it as a crunchy snack as is or add hot water to make nurungji porridge.

5. The Test Kitchen Single Origin Vegan Crackers
These are the crackers you can trust to give to your kids, 100% Vegan, Additive Free, Egg Free, and Dairy Free.  Frustrated with unhealthy snacks full of additives and artificial flavors, a few women started The Test Kitchen, focusing on ingredients and baking.  The Test Kitchen uses four main ingredients from four specific farmers, thus the name “Single Origin.”  The Test Kitchen Vegan Crackers are made with whole ingredients, you can see and smell the pulp of the fruits or vegetables used for each cracker.

6. OHS Traditional Vegan Crisps
Bugak (부각) is a variety of vegetarian twigim (deep-fried dish) that was enjoyed by Korean nobility and developed by the Korean royal court cuisine as a way to preserve fresh ingredients well past their peak season.  Oh Hee Sook is the daughter-in-law from the fourth generation of nobility, she mastered her family’s secret recipe to continue a legacy.  Glutinous rice paste is applied to natural ingredients carefully selected by food masters and dried in the sun and wind to make them more light and crunchy.  The ingredients are carefully selected domestically, producing Laver (Gim), Sea Tangle (Kelp), Lotus Root, Burdock, Hot Pepper, Potato, then fried cleanly using brown rice oil.

7. Nenia Fresh Squeezed Jeju Tangerine
You would be surprised to find sugar, even corn syrup, citric acid, and chemical additives in the juice aisle, written on your favorite juice label.  Nenia’s Fresh Squeezed Jeju Tangerine is made of only Jeju’s Tangerine from pesticide-free farms.  No sugar, no water.

Jeju, a popular destination in Asia, is famous for its delicious tangerines.  Nenia selects the best looking, clean, fully ripe Jeju tangerines. Those are then moved to a spotless facility next to the tangerine farms, squeezed and immediately poured into juice packs.  Enjoy the taste of the fresh squeezed famous Jeju Tangerine in the U.S.

8. Gawaji No.1 Rice Chip
Third generation young farmers grow the special breed of rice available only in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province.  As brown rice contains the most nutritions of the rice grain, these rice chips are baked, not fried.  Besides the high quality brown rice, they only put a very small amount of sea salt.  That's correct, only two ingredients.  Baked.  Very nice treat for you and your children.

9. Hokklak Grain Chips
These 100% gluten free grain chips come in fun shapes and can be eaten alone, but there are so many ways to enjoy this and make actual meals from these chips.  The word hokklak means “small” in Jeju dialect.  The shapes are a homage to Jeju Island's famous dol hareubang (rock statues) and horses.  Hokklak Grain Chips are made from freshly prepared Jeju black barley and high-quality domestic brown rice, strictly selected natural ingredients without frying but baking.  The shape of the chips are hollow, providing room to throw in ingredients to make hor d'oeuvres, and it doesn’t stop there.  Create a meal of porridge or oatmeal for kids by soaking the chips in water then microwaving for a minute.

10. Favorips Mushroom Chips
Favorips is a chip made from mushrooms grown on organic shiitake mushroom farms, which are grown without the use of herbicides.  Favorips Mushroom Chips are hard, chewy, and have a deep aroma.  Made with a low temperature vacuum frying method which significantly reduces the harm that can occur when fried at high temperatures.  This method produces a healthy snack and also reduces the amount of fat absorbed by the body.  Talk about guilt-free snacking.

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