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Very Grand Set

Very Grand Set

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Five Colored Noodles
  • Ingredients:  
    • Chive Noodle 200g (7oz): wheat flour (67%), chives (20%), rice (10%), sea salt (2.7%) 
    • Sweet Pumpkin Noodle 200g (7oz): wheat flour (67%), sweet pumpkin (20%), rice (10%), sea salt (2.7%)
    • Beet Noodle 200g (7oz): wheat flour (67%), beet (20%), rice (10%), sea salt (2.7%)
    • White Rice Noodle 200g(7oz): wheat flour (77%), rice (20%), sea salt (2.7%)
    • Black Rice Noodle 200g (7oz): wheat flour (77%), black rice (20%), sea salt (2.7%) 
  • Recommendation: Put noodles into boiling water and stir for 4-6 mins.  Drain the water.  Cool down with cold water.  Mix with toppings.  Or simply drop only perilla oil and sea salt to taste Five Colored Noodles’s own taste.

Grand Perilla Oil: Whole perilla seeds (Korea) 100%

Net Weight: 200g

Allergy Warning: Produced in the same facility where wheat and buckwheat are processed.

Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place or store in refrigerated after receiving it for longer storage.


Grand Noodle’s Five Colored Noodles are chewy and perfect for diverse versions of guksu including bibim-guksu (spicy mixed noodles), and kong-guksu (cold soy milk soup).  It also serves very well as a pasta noodle, too.  The best way to savor Five Colored Noodles' unique taste is just to mix the cooked noodles with nothing but perilla oil and clean sea salt because the ingredients used in Five Colored Noodles carry their own respective flavors.  For a long time, noodles in Korean cuisine were flavorless and only supplement other dishes.  With Five Colored Noodles, you can relish what a well-made, healthy Korean noodle can do to your palate and even become a tasty meal itself.

Perilla oil, along with sesame oil, is another essential ingredient when cooking Korean food, used in numerous dishes such as namul muchim, grilled tofu, makguksu, and so on. So, you want to use a trusting product that will only add rich flavor and goodness to your food. Introducing Grand Perilla Oil by Grand Noodle, a company that makes tasty, high-quality products with seasonal produce.


A Guksu Master Kim Hyun Kyu started Grand Noodle in 1987.  He thought guksu made of wheat was tasteless and didn’t contain nutrition values.  He was committed to producing healthy, nutritious noodles with seasonal food and ingredients.  After many years of experiments, Master Kim founded his perfect mix rate for his noodles with carefully selected chives, sweet pumpkin, rice, beet and black rice.  


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