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떡국 키트

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Kim'C Market presents its very own TTEOKGUKIT!

Enjoy Seollal (Lunar New Year) with this easy to make rice cake soup made from freshly in-house milled rice. Available in two variations: white rice cakes or five colored. 

Serves 2-3 people

Store in Freezer

Follow this recipe for Tteokguk: Serves 2-3

  1. Pour in sagol gomtang (broth) into a pot with 1/2 to 1 cup of water (to your preference of broth thickness) and bring to a boil

  2. Add garlic

  3. Add sliced tteok then cook until tteok is soft and chewy

  4. Add sliced green onion to soup before turning the heat off

  5. Add seaweed for garnish (and more sliced green onion to taste)


Tteokguk (rice cake soup) is the most iconic dish of Seollal and is the first meal eaten in the new year. It symbolizes growth and prosperity of aging one more year and is usually made with beef or anchovy broth, sliced glutinous rice cake, garlic, seaweed, and chopped scallion as garnish. We prepared this special soup for you in our bundle kit so you can easily enjoy everyone’s favorite soup! To take it to the next level, add *mandu* (dumplings) to the soup and you have tteok mandu guk (dumpling rice cake soup).

White Tteok Ingredients:

  • Premium Korean white rice freshly milled by Kim’C Market (100% Korea)
  • 김씨마켓이 신선하게 정미한 싱글오리진 프리미엄 쌀 (참드림 사용)
  • Net Weight: 1.1 lb (500g)/pack

Five-Colored Tteok Ingredients:

  • Korean rice from Korea (white and 10% off bran), mugwort, pumpkin, purple sweet potato, and beet
  • 한국산 멥쌀 백미와 일분도미 (1분도), 쑥, 호박, 자색고구마, 비트
  • Net Weight: 1.1 lb (500g)/pack 

Roasted Seaweed Flakes Ingredients:

  • 100% Roasted Seaweed
  • 100% 김(한국산)
  • Net Weight: 20 g



By popular demand, Kim’C Market decided to import rice from Korea and mill the rice in-house to create this kit!

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