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One Tablet Chopped Garlic

One Tablet Chopped Garlic

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트루나스 마늘한알

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  • Ingredients: 100% Korean garlic without any preserves
  • Convenience: Saves cooking prep time

Net Weight: 0.71 oz (20g)
Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place, avoid exposure to air.
Allergen Information: This product is made at a facility that also processes tomato, soybean, wheat, buckwheat, chicken, beef, clams.


Trunas is an expert of freeze-dry technology.  After serving many years in public service, Dr. Sung-Sik Kim joined his wife’s company Trunas as CEO and started expanding product offerings.  In addition to One Tablet Natural Seasoning, the company makes diverse products including freeze-dried fruit snacks popular among kids, and freeze-dried seafood stock that makes cooking very easy.

우리나라에 동결건조기법을 처음으로 사용한 기업 중 하나인 (주)트루나스는 깨끗한 남한강 유역에 자리한 동결건조전문회사입니다.  공직에 있던 김성식 박사가 부인이 창업한 회사에 대표로 취임하면서 제품 다양화에 나섰지요. 과일 동결건조 스낵을 포함, 보관이 쉽고 맛이 오랫동안 보존되는 여러가지 식품을 생산합니다.

Why so special? 

You are free from breaking bulbs, peeling and chopping garlic, and dealing with smelly hands.  A drop of water will turn a tablet into well minced, fresh garlic. Save your cooking time.


Fresh garlic is a must-have when it comes to ingredients one should always keep around the kitchen.  Peeling and chopping it slows down the cooking and keeps your fellow diners hungry longer.  Buying a pre-chopped garlic in a jar is a shortcut but it would have salt and additives to maintain its color. 

Meet One Tablet Chopped Garlic.  Drop one spoon of water onto a tablet.  Clean, freshly chopped garlic will be ready on your cooking station.  It is freeze-dried and has no additives or chemicals. The garlic has its original flavor, color and taste of Korean garlic.  When cooking soup, stew, seasoning fish or vegetables, you only need one or two tablets.  

요리할 때 꼭 빠지지 않는 재료가 다진 마늘이지만, 껍질을 까고, 칼로 다지는 과정이 항상 번거롭더라구요. 이제 마늘한알만 있으면 한알씩 편리하게, 맛있게, 빠르게 요리를 완성할 수 있습니다.  한국 국내산 마늘 100%을 동결건조한 마늘한알에 물 한스푼만 넣어주면 싱싱한 다진마늘로 변신합니다.  국, 찌개, 조림에 사용하실 때에는 마늘한알만 그대로 쏙 넣어주세요.  동결건조는 본 재료의 맛과 향, 영양을 그대로 보존하는 방식입니다.  집 부엌에서의 활용도가 매우 좋아 재구매율이 특히 높아요. 오늘부터는 마늘 손질 마시고, 냉장고에 마늘한알만 준비해보세요.

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