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Sweet Yuzu Vinegar

Sweet Yuzu Vinegar

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Sweet Yuzu Vinegar gives a refreshing, aromatic, and bright twist to any of your dishes. Also, we’ve mixed in real yuzu peels for some texture and an extra zing.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Sugar, Yuzu Peel, Salt 
Net Weight: 150ml
Storage method: Refrigerate after opening.


Cabi's Sweet Yuzu Vinegar is made out of premium and carefully selected ingredients using extensive techniques that have been passed down over hundreds of years from the countryside of Japan in Wakayama, the birthplace of sushi.


Cabi / Kabi (カビ) means mold in Japanese. Don’t worry, we are talking about really good mold and fermentation! Anyway, it’s time that word underwent some rebranding. So here it is, good mold. Japan has a long history of fermented foods especially used for its health benefits.

Cabi has been carefully developed with a sense of ease and versatility in mind, allowing you to love and incorporate these Japanese flavors into your own cooking, on your own terms. We like to say: cooking not required, only if desired. We are here to support all adventures in the kitchen.

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