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Sparking Soda (2 flavors)

Sparking Soda (2 flavors)

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토모마스 스파클링 소다

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Tomomasu’s sparkling sodas  are lightly carbonated and sweetened beverages that quench your thirst. 

가벼운 탄산과 달콤한 맛이 어우러진 토모마스의 스파클링 소다를 소개합니다. 

Net weight: 10 fl oz. (300ml)


  • Watermelon: carbonated water, Fructose Glucose liquid sugar, watermelon flavor, citric acid

  • Mango: carbonate water, high fructose glucose sugar, mango flavor, citric acid


Experience Tomomasu's commitment to quality with their watermelon and ripe mango sparkling sodas. Each bottle is bursting with natural fruit flavors and enhanced with lively carbonation, ensuring a crisp and refreshing taste. Here’s a closer look at what makes each variant special:

  • Watermelon Sparkling Soda: A sophisticated twist on a summer classic, this soda embodies the essence of ripe watermelon with a refreshing burst of flavor and a lively effervescence. Perfect for outdoor gatherings or simply as a delightful refreshment on hot days.

  • Ripe Mango Sparkling Soda: Indulge in the sweet, juicy taste of ripe mangoes with this sparkling soda. Balanced sweetness and bold mango flavor make it a perfect companion for any occasion, whether you're relaxing at home or enjoying a meal.

Savor the essence of summer with Tomomasu's sparkling sodas, crafted to elevate your refreshment experience with every sip. Treat yourself to these delightful flavors and discover why Tomomasu is a favorite among those who appreciate quality and taste.


Tomomasu takes pride in crafting premium sparkling sodas that capture the essence of seasonal fruits. Each soda is meticulously crafted to deliver a refreshing experience that appeals to discerning palates. Embrace the season with Tomomasu's commitment to quality and flavor.

토모마스는 계절의 풍미를 담은 프리미엄 스파클링 소다 브랜드에요. 각각의 플레이버는 요리에 깊이를 더하는 풍미를 선사하지요. 특히 품질과 맛에 민감한 소비자들 사이에서 사랑받고 있는 토모마스의 스파클링 소다를 경험해보세요.


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