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Extra Virgin Sprouted Sesame Oil

Extra Virgin Sprouted Sesame Oil

SELL BY 11/13/2024

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청오 엑스트라버진 발아 참기름

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  • Process: Extra Virgin, cold-pressed only once
  • Facility: Patent-protected kiln
  • Best use: salad dressing, dip, seasoning, sauce, and as a finishing oil to drizzle over grilled meat, vegetables, noodles to add more depth

Chung-O is the Korean pioneer of organic and eco-friendly food products. Chung-O team traveled to every corner in Korea to convince farmers to grow organic crops. A quarter-century later, all of over 100 contracted farms supply organically and environment-friendly grown crops. All of the farms are at least pesticide-free for at least three years.

The company operates six facilities to process different product lines to prevent cross-contamination in ingredients. Kim’C Market guarantees that the producer is strict on quality control from start to finish to make sure it only serves you the best and healthy.

Why so special?

It’s daunting to find a good mill that makes sesame oil and perilla oil in a trusted, traditional way. Chung-O is that one rare find.

Sprouting seeds and grains need a controlled environment with the “just right amount” of heat and humidity. Chung-O’s patented technology sprouts seeds and grains to a beautiful state. To get the most of deep flavor without losing antioxidants, the producer customized its roasting kiln. Sprouted seeds are roasted to nice golden brown color with deeper nuttiness.

Enjoy your bottle of roasted sesame oil and get all your flavor and nutrition fixed.

Benefits of sesame oil?

In addition to its flavor and taste, sesame oil is proven to offer health benefits. This yellow colored oil assists you in enhancing quality of bones, supporting dental health, and boosting metabolism.

Love at first drop. Chung-O Organic Sesame Oil is rich and nutty with a clean finish that will get you saying “Mmm, good.” Don't over pour it. A little goes a long way.
  • Amazing to use for salad dressing, dip, seasoning, sauce, and as a finishing oil to drizzle over grilled meat, vegetables, noodles, and... pineapple (yes, really!)
  • Also a must to make Ssamjang (쌈장), an inseparable pair to Korean BBQ 
  • Unrefined, cold-pressed only once (aka Extra Virgin)
  • Low-smoke point. Stay with low heat sauté, or best as finishing oil for enhancing nuttiness.
  • Every single sesame seed is sprouted before pressing in state-of-the-art sprouting facility to boost the nutritional value like good fat acids and Omega-3 & 6.
  • Organic, pesticide-free, finest grade Korean sesame seeds only.
  • Lightly toasted in patented technology kiln to roast the sesame seeds in optimal temperature to get that rich nuttiness while keeping the important antioxidants.

엑스트라버진 (Extra Virgin) 참기름, 들어보셨어요?  영양분이 풍부한 발아 통참깨를 전통 저압압착방식으로 짜내었지요.  발아 과정 중 원재료를 5회 이상 세척해 고소함이 듬뿍 담겨 있습니다.  모든 통참깨는 3년 이상 농약을 사용하지 않은 농장의 것을 사용했어요.  옛날 방앗간 참기름, 그 맛.  데쳐서 무친 나물이나 볶음, 샐러드, 고기나 조림요리의 마지막 단계에 넣으면 윤기와 풍미가 한결 진해집니다.
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