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Roasted Sprout Black Sesame

Roasted Sprout Black Sesame

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청오 발아볶음검정깨

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  • Producer: Chung-O, the pioneer of Korea's organic movement
  • Ingredients: 100% Korean sprout sesame seeds from farms pesticide free for at least 3 years

Product delivered to you will be at least three months from expiration date unless on sale.


Chung-O is the pioneer of Korean organic movement. Since 1993 when it started as a baby food company, Chung-O team traveled to every corner in Korea to convince farmers to grow organic crops. Now all of the over 100 contracted farms supply organically and environment-friendly grown crops. All of the farms are at least pesticide-free for at least three years.

Every sprout grain and seed from Chung-O is washed 3-5 times to ensure they are super clean.

Why so special? 

Seeds and grains are packed with important nutrients for the body, especially when they are sprouted. Sprouting also breaks down complex starches (even gluten) and proteins to help with digestion, so the grains act like pre-digested food. Add them to smoothies, desserts, baked goods, yogurt, salads, soups, stir-fry and vegetable dishes. 


Roasted sesame seeds are well known for their potential health benefits, and its black sesame seed cousin is just as impressive. Low in carbohydrates and sodium, this gluten free superseed has a rich, nutty flavor, making the perfect nutritious garnish. Why sprout and roast? Sprouting is the process of unlocking the hidden potential held within a dry grain. Sesame is one of those few seeds that needs roasting to maximize its flavor and its nutritional value.

엄격한 기준으로 선별된 100% 국내산 검은깨를 3번 이상 세척하여 발아시킨 후, 저온에서 솔솔 볶아내어 구수한 풍미와 검은깨 본연의 영양을 지켜낸 제품입니다.

청오의 최신공정시설에서 청결히 생산해 내어  믿을수있고, 검은깨이외의 어떤 첨가물도 들어가지 않아 더욱 건강하고 안전하게 드실수있어요.  다양한 요리를 청오의 발아 볶음 검정깨로 마무리해 보세요. 요리가 한층 맛깔스러워질거에요.

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