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Kim'C Market

Pot & Rice Set (Seoyiteul)

Pot & Rice Set (Seoyiteul)

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  • 2 lb 100% Off-bran, Freshly Milled White Rice (choose variation to pair with pot)
  • Seoyiteul 160 sizes may differ 2 – 5 mm (W 197mm X H 132mm) (W 7.8in X H 5.2in) Made of Sancheong Pottery Clay

Special Storage Instruction: Refrigerator storage.

Seoyiteul 160 Pot Care:

  • Converter plates are necessary to use on induction cooktops. However, handle with caution as plates are thin. This is not a recommended option.
  • Highlight cooktops are compatible. Recommended using after wiping all surface moisture.
  • ON:GI is made with a porous material. It absorbs moisture well, so do not soak it in water for more than 30 minutes.
  • We recommend washing immediately after eating, by hand, using natural ingredient dishwashing soap.
  • For the buildup of scorch marks, sprinkle baking soda (100% sodium bicarbonate) and brush to clean.
  • After cleaning, dry on low heat or in sunlight. Store in a well-ventilated place with low temperature and humidity.
  • Heat at high temperatures only when containing food with moisture. Heating with dry foods only may cause overheating.
  • Boiling water for 1 minute with one of the following may help neutralize lingering odors: mandarin zest, lemon wedge, tea leaves, and vinegar.
  • 인덕션을 사용하시는 분들은 ‘인덕터’를 따로 구입해서 사용이 가능합니다. 그러나 열판이 얇아서 주의해야 합니다. 권장하지는 않는 방법입니다.
  • 하이라이트는 사용이 좀더 편합니다. 온:기 표면에 물기가 없이 닦은 후 올려 사용하는 것을 권장합니다.
  • 온:기는 다공성 성질의 소재입니다. 수분 흡수율이 좋으므로 30분 이상 물에 담가두지 않는 것이 좋습니다.
  • 식사 후에 바로 세척하는 것이 좋습니다. 손으로 씻는 것이 가장 좋으며, 세제는 천연성분을 사용해주세요.
  • 누른 그을음은 베이킹 소다(탄산수소나트륨 100%)를 묻힌 다음, 솔로 닦으면 깨끗해집니다.
  • 세척 후엔 약한 불로 예열을 해주거나 충분히 햇빛을 쏘여 건조하세요. 온도와 습도가 낮고 통기성이 좋은 곳에 보관해주면 좋습니다.
  • 온:기는 안에 음식물(수분이 있는 상태)이 들어 있을 때만 가열해주세요. 마른 재료를 넣고 가열하면 무리가 갑니다.
  • 가끔 귤껍찔이나 레몬 조각, 여분의 찻잎, 식초 중 하나를 선택해 물과 함께 1분 정도 끓여주면 잔냄새 제거에 좋습니다.

ON:GI is a traditional Korean heat-resistant earthenware line, for which every piece is handmade by artists Jeong Won-seob and Lee Hyeon-gyu. Experience timelessness and seasons embodied in masterpieces born from the weathered hands of the artisans, with motifs taken from Korea’s ancient culture and changes in nature.

Paired perfectly with our freshly milled rice (in-house), enjoy Michelin quality rice cooked in an earthenware clay pot.


The quality of rice can dictate the overall taste of a Korean meal; a delicious crop of rice elevates your eating experience to another level. For that reason, Kim’C Market selects only the best in healthy, tasty rice. We have high expectations for our rice - it must be single origin, high-quality, and, of course, delicious.

What types of cooking are ON:GI suitable for?

  • It has excellent heat retention, so it’s optimized for dishes that you can cook on the spot.
  • Boiled or steamed dishes are great, such as cooking rice, whole grains, meat, or blanching vegetables, as it preserves the natural taste of foods as much as possible.
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