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Organic Germinated Ten Grain Mix (800g)

Organic Germinated Ten Grain Mix (800g)

SELL BY 04/22/2024

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청오 유기농 발아 10곡 혼합곡

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Organic germinated multi grains (brown rice 43%, barley 17%, brown glutinous rice 12%, black glutinous rice 7%, black bean 7%, wheat 5%, white soybean 3%, millet 2%, corn 2%, sorghum 2%)

유기농 발아 10곡(현미 43%, 찰보리 17%, 찹쌀현미 12%, 찰흑미 7%, 검은콩 7%, 밀 5%, 백태 3%, 조 2%, 옥수수 2%, 수수 2%)

HACCP, Organic Certified 

Net weight:
800g (= 1.8 lb)
Storage Method:
Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening, keeping contents sealed tightly.

개봉 전에는 상온 보관, 개봉 후에는 밀폐하여 냉장보관해주세요.
Printed date means the date it was packaged. Rice doesn’t have an expiration date.


Chung-O, a well-trusted brand in Korea, opened its doors in 1993 under the name “Mother’s Health.” They began with grain and baby foods and gradually gained recognition as an organic agricultural products processing company. Since establishing germination production facilities, they are paving a healthy eating lifestyle with organic germinated products. As an organic processing-certified company registered internationally and in Korea, Chung-O products are available in major department stores and organic food stores.

한국인들에게 신뢰받는 청오는 1993년 ’엄마건강’이라는 이름으로 첫 발을 내딛었습니다. 처음에는 선식과 이유식으로 시작했고 점점 친환경 농산물 가공업체로 이름을 높이며 발아생산설비를 구축 후엔 유기농발아 제품으로 건강한 식생활을 주도하고 있죠. 국내와 국제 유기가공인증이 등록되어 있으며 이젠 유명 백화점이나 유기농 마켓 어디서든 청오의 제품을 볼 수 있어요.  



Ten Hearty Organic Grains from Korea All in One Bag
Rice is a staple in Korean food, but having white rice day after day can be a bit monotonous. So many foodies opt to mix things up, literally, by adding grains. Chung-O brings you 10 local varieties of Korean grains in one product. Simply add this grain mix to make up 20 to 50 percent of your total rice content, and you will get a refreshingly different style of earthy rice. You may even fall for the uniquely hearty taste and find yourself looking for things to add to your rice. Chung-O has taken 10 organically grown grains that have been thoroughly washed and germinated in a sanitary facility. You can pour them straight into your cooking pot as no soaking is necessary, and because they are sprouted grains, they have a soft texture that even children love to eat.

*The date printed is when this was packed. Grains don't expire.

한국산 10가지 유기농 곡물을 밸런스 좋게 담았어요
잘 씻은 쌀에 이 혼합곡을 20~50% 가량 섞어 밥을 지어보세요. 10가지 잡곡 모두 한국의 들판에서 자란 토종 잡곡입니다. 늘 흰 쌀밥만 먹었다가 잡곡밥의 구수한 맛에 길들여지게 되면 계속 개성 있는 잡곡밥을 찾게 되죠. 뭐 더 넣을 게 없나 두리번거리며 찾게 된다니까요. 청오의 유기농 발아 10곡 혼합곡은 위생적인 환경에서 발아하고 깨끗하게 세척된 상태니 불리는 과정 없이 그대로 밥을 지으시면 돼요. 발아 곡물이어서 식감도 부드러워 아이들도 잘 먹는 답니다.  

*인쇄된 날짜는 포장된 일자를 말합니다. 유통기한 혹은 품질보증기한을 의미하지 않습니다.


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