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Organic Multi Grain Powder (Sunshik)

Organic Multi Grain Powder (Sunshik)

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청오 맛있는 유기농 곡물한잔

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  • Brand & Artisan: Chung-O is best known for its sprout grain and powder mix, and organic food products
  • Process: Every organic grain and seed is washed 3-5 times. Organic Agricultural Products Certification (농림축산식품부 유기가공식품 인증). HACCP Certification.

Ingredients: Organic sprouted brown rice 28%, Organic sprouted barley 22%, Organic sprouted brown rice glutinous rice 20%, Organic sprouted white rice 10%, Organic sprouted black soybean 6%, Organic sprouted black rice 5%, Organic sprouted wheat 3%, Organic sprouted oats 2%, Organic sprouted millet 2%, Organic sprouted sorghum 2%. Contains soybean, wheat.

This product is manufactured in the same facility as products using egg, milk, buckwheat, peanuts, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peaches, tomatoes, sulfurous acids, walnuts, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish (including oysters abalone, mussles), and pine nuts.



Too busy to have breakfast? Craving for that mid-afternoon healthy snack? What about a light, nutritious dinner? If yes to any, we have a 100% organic multigrain powder for you. All 10 of the organic grains and seeds are from Korea’s organic farms. Because the ingredients are sprout grains, this mix is full of Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, and Vitamin.

The multigrain powder is in 10 pouches - each 20g (0.7 oz) - so it’s easy to carry around. Mixing one with milk, soy milk or water would serve you a delicious meal. You can keep this at room temperature.

  • Great for Moms whose children don’t eat much. Every ingredient in this healthy mix is organic, and easy to drink.
  • Perfect for busy people on-the-go.
  • Convenient. Very healthy drink mix in 10 pouches. Simply shake it with milk, soy milk or water.

전 재료 국산 유기농 원물 (곡물이 아닌 유기농설탕은 제외) 만으로 만든 유기농 선식을 소개합니다.  유기농 인증받은 발아현미, 발아검정콩 등 10가지 발아곡물이 들어 있어 맛이 담백하고 고소해요. 부드럽게 넘어가지요.  곡물의 싹을 틔운 발아 곡물을 주원료로 하니 단백질은 물론 칼슘, 인, 철 그리고 비타민까지 풍성합니다.  

한 번씩 먹기 좋게 10개로 소포장 되어 있어 언제 어디서든 쉽게 꺼내 먹을 수 있답니다.  유기농 선식 1팩을 우유나 두유, 물에 넣어 섞어주면, 영양 가득한 간편식이 완성!  건강한 아침 식사 대용이나 바쁜 하루 하루 가운데 영양을 채우는 음료로 제격이에요.

믿고 먹는 친환경 식품기업 청오에서 깨끗하게 만들었어요.  서늘한 곳 실온보관이 가장 좋습니다.



Chung-O is the pioneer of Korean organic movement. Since 1993 when it started as a baby food company, Chung-O team traveled to every corner in Korea to convince farmers to grow organic crops. Now all of over 100 contracted farms supply organically and environment-friendly grown crops. All of the farms are at least pesticide-free for at least three years.

Every sprout grain and seed from Chung-O is washed 3-5 times to ensure they are super clean.

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