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Chestnut Rice Chips (Pack of 5)

Chestnut Rice Chips (Pack of 5)

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농가애 군밤라이스칩

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  • Ingredients: Gongju chestnut powders, Korean rice and Korean sweet pumpkin
  • Process: Baked rice snack
  • Facility: HACCP Certified

Net Weight: 20g (=0.71 oz)

Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place.  Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.  Eat as soon as possible after opening.


Gongju in the Province of Chungnam has been known for its high-quality chestnuts.  Nongae is a Gongju company that produces chestnut-based snacks and food products.  Its facility is HACCP certified.

농가애는 밤의 고장 공주에서 밤을 활용한 음식 문화를 만들고 군밤라이스 칩과 같이 지역 특산물을 활용한 제품을 생산, 제조, 유통하는 곳입니다.  철저한 위생관리를 통해 HACCP 인증을 받았어요.


Despite its size, Korea boasts colorful and diverse culinary cultures.  Like so many other towns that have their own specialities, Gongju in the Province of Chungnam has been famous for its chestnuts.  

Kim’C Market introduces Chestnut Rice Chips, a healthy snacking option.  This is a baked Korean rice chip mixed well with locally sourced chestnuts and sweet pumpkins powders.  Nongae, the producer, used stevia, a sugar substitute that is sweet but has no calories.  You have found a healthy nibble you and your children can enjoy without guilty feelings.


입안이 심심할 때 간식 생각이 많이 나죠.  충청남도 공주의 특산품인 밤을 사용해 바삭바삭하게 씹히고 사르르 녹는 군밤라이스칩을 소개합니다.    

한국산 쌀과 단호박을 섞었고 칼로리를 감안해 설탕 대신 스테비아를 사용한 건강 간식이에요.  군밤의 고소함과 단호박의 달콤함이 있고요.  기름에 튀기지 않고 구워 만들었기에 맛이 깔끔합니다.  사각사각 경쾌한 식감을 즐겨보세요.

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