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Kisoondo Traditional Doenjang (230g)

Kisoondo Traditional Doenjang (230g)

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기순도 전통된장

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The Fermentation Master Ki Soondo’s Traditional Doenjang is made of only three natural ingredients - beans, bamboo salt, and water.  It offers the authentic taste that embodies the essence of Korean cuisine, reflecting the master's dedication to her family’s heritage kept for 400 years. 

기순도 ‘진장(陳醬)’ 명인이 400여 년 이어져 온 종가의 비법으로 매해 만들어 내는 전통 된장은 콩, 직접 만드는 죽염, 물 단 세 가지 재료로만 만듭니다.  한국 요리의 본질을 담은 진정한 맛을 느껴보세요.

Ingredients: Soybeans, roasted bamboo salt and water

Weight: 230g

Storage Method:  Keep refrigerated after opening.

*Please note that this is a fermented product and without any preservatives it can continue to rise which can sometimes overflow (the lid is intentionally popped to allow breathing space for the fermented paste). It is still safe to eat.

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The Fermentation Master Ki Soondo's Traditional Doenjang is crafted with utmost sincerity, using only three ingredients - beans, bamboo salt, and water.  Each batch is meticulously prepared by Master Ki, a guardian of time-honored traditions, in the same way that has been kept for 400 years.  

Made with domestically sourced non-GMO beans, bamboo salt her family makes at the family furnace, and clean water, this soybean paste undergoes a natural fermentation process in a loess room, complemented by the influence of pine pollen from the surrounding earthen pots.  Experience the special flavors of Kisoondo's Traditional Doenjang that world’s renowned chefs love.

기순도 진장(陳醬) 명인은 매해 음력 11월마다 콩으로 메주를 만들고 장을 담그기 시작합니다.  50년 세월, 같은 시기에 정성으로 제사를 지내고 대대손손 내려오는 비법대로 행하는 것이지요.  메주는 유기농 볏짚으로 묶어 황토방에서 발효를 하지요.  Non-GMO 콩, 직접 구워 만드는 죽염과 담양군 월봉산 자락의 깨끗한 물, 단 세 가지로 된장과 간장을 빚습니다.  세계적인 셰프들과 언론사에서 찾아오는 이유를 김씨마켓 통해 한 번 경험해 보세요.


With a well-guarded secret passed down through many generations, the Fermentation Master Ki Soondo crafts the essence of Korean culinary tradition with unparalleled dedication year after year.  Like a well-choreographed symphony, every November in the lunar calendar, this culinary legend performs her magic.  First, meticulously preparing the fermented soybean blocks (meju), which undergo a month-long fermentation journey.  Then, the handcrafted bamboo salt (jukyeom) is added, and the mixture matures gracefully in large earthenware jars.

Amongst the thousands of fermentation pots under the watchful eyes of this esteemed master, one stands out - the legendary "Ssiganjang" which has aged for an astonishing 400 years.  Its depth of flavor sets a foundation unlike any other, making it an exquisite masterpiece.

Gaining international acclaim and capturing the attention of renowned chefs worldwide, this virtuoso of the fermentation continually dedicates herself to promoting the rich flavors of Korea alongside her offsprings.  And today, just like every other day, she takes charge, ensuring the legacy of Korean taste is carried forth with unyielding passion.

‘장맛이 변하면 집안이 망한다'는 말이 있을 정도로 예로부터 선조들은 잠 담그기를 아주 중요하게 생각했지요.  하지만 집집마다 장을 담그던 풍경은 어느샌가 자취를 감추고 말았는데요.  담양에 터를 잡은 고씨 가문 종갓집의 10대 맏며느리인 기순도 진장(陳醬) 명인은 400여 년간 전해져 내려오는 가문의 비법을 지키며 우리 전통 장의 명맥을 잇고 있어요.  늘 그래왔듯 오늘도 복(福)을 담아 식(食)을 짓습니다.

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