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Kisoondo Rice Syrup

Kisoondo Rice Syrup

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기순도 조청

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Ingredients: 100% of ingredients produced in Korea: Rice and malt

원료: 국산 쌀 (92%), 엿기름 (8%)

Net Weight: 230g (= 8 oz)

Sell By Date: Printed on package

Storage Method: Store in a dry place.  Keep refrigerated after opening.

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Jocheong is a traditional Korean sweetener syrup that takes many hours of boiling rice and grains. Master Ki Soondo uses only two ingredients - Korean rice and malt (엿기름, yeotgirum) to make her famous jocheong. To make malt, she grinds sprouted Korean barley that she grows.

Jocheong is a perfect sugar replacement as its tasty sweetness comes from nature. It can be applied to many dishes. It goes very well with bread and brie cheese as a honey replacement, and rice cake or tteok. Many apply this to braised dishes, for example, marinating meat, especially beef, fish or vegetables. Interestingly, jocheong is also an important ingredient in gochujang making.

우리 고유의 전통감미료, 조청. 기순도 명인이 국내산 쌀과 직접 기른 엿기름으로 오랜 시간 고아 만든 조청은 자극적이거나 단맛이 심하지 않아요. 인공 첨가물 하나 없이 옛날 방식을 따릅니다. 단맛이 필요할 때 많이 사용하는 설탕이나 첨가물 가득한 시럽 대신 요리당으로 사용하면 안성맞춤이고 떡이나 빵에 곁들여 드시면 훌륭합니다. 고기를 재울 때나 다양한 조림에 특히 잘 어울려요.


The grandmaster Ki Soondo is the most well known artisanal jang (soy-based fermented food) maker in the world. Her jang requires manual bamboo salt making using only sun-dried sea salt from the Yellow Sea, and careful monitoring of fermentation processes that has been passed down for at least 10 generations. With her superb jang, Master Ki makes ganjang (간장, soy sauce) kimchi that the world’s renowned chefs highly appreciate. Her seasoning secrets with 16 Korean ingredients are in this block.

기순도 ‘진장(陳醬)’ 명인은 오랜 노하우와 정성으로 죽염을 직접 만들고 매해 탁월한 장을 냅니다. 훌륭한 장 덕분에 젓갈이나 소금 하나 없이 간장김치를 만드는데 깊이 있고 깨끗한 맛에 세계적인 셰프들도 감탄할 정도이지요. 400여 년간 이어지는 간장김치 제조 비법을 물만 넣으면 되는 양념블록으로 만들었어요.

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