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Goyo Set

Goyo Set

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고요 세트

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Why So Special:
      • Vintage
      • Fermented from the clay pot made by Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 25 Lee Mu-nam
      • Produces only natural raw materials without any chemical additives 
      • In use at high-end Michelin star restaurants
      • Sold at premium grocery stores throughout New York

Kim’C Market provides foods only made with premium and natural ingredients.  Our company was founded with the quest to source and provide safe, healthy food options.  We carefully selected and interviewed producers to start selling direct-to-consumers online.

Our Korean producers have honest and special stories to share We wanted to pass this on in gift form for you and your loved ones.  All ingredients are produced in Korea, the quality is proven and packaging is great.

We are confident you can’t go wrong with a delicious gift as these sets for your loved ones.


The GOYO Set Features:

  • Red Chili Pepper Paste(500g)
  • Soybean Paste(500g)
  • Product introduction and greeting card
  • Three simple, delicious recipes using the contents in box
  • The outer box is covered by hanji (한지, traditional Korean paper)
  • The luxurious box is finished with magnetic closure

The beans and peppers grown by the farmers are fermented for three years.  Under the warm sun in the valley of Jookjang, this region is where the deep red chili pepper paste, soybean paste and soy sauce are born.  It is made from the purest water drawn from 230 yards below earth and nothing but time and devotion.

따사로운 햇볕이 찾아드는 경상도 죽장리.  그 마을 농부들이 직접 키운 콩과 고추를 3년간 죽장연에서 발효하여 깊은 맛의 고추장, 된장, 간장이 태어납니다.  지하 200미터에서 끌어올린 깨끗한 물과 서 너 가지의 원료로만 만듭니다.  시간과 정성 외에는 아무 것도 넣지 않았습니다.

Soybean Paste Storage Method: Sometimes, white mold can appear, it is not spoiled and is a natural phenomenon that occurs because no preservatives are added. You may open the jar and expose the paste in direct sunlight which will help to eliminate the white mold. Afterwards you may scoop out parts of the areas that had white spots and still consume it (it is not harmful as it is a natural occurrence).

*Please note that this is a fermented product and without any preservatives it can continue to rise which can sometimes overflow (the lid is intentionally popped to allow breathing space for the fermented paste). It is still safe to eat.

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