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Ginseng & Almond Go On a Date

Ginseng & Almond Go On a Date

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Red Ginseng Cheong:

  • Ingredients: Red ginseng extract (solids 2%, red ginseng ingredient 2 mg/g, Korea) 20%, honey, fructooligosaccharide, high fructose. * 100% Korean ingredients

Process: HACCP
Net Weight: 700g
Storage Method: Store at room temperature in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight

Choice of:
Almond Dates

  • Ingredients: Dried dates (Tunisia) 76%, roasted almonds (USA) 23%, jujube (Korean dates) concentrate (Korean jujube 100%)


Almond Dates with Soybean Powder

  • Ingredients: Dates (Tunisia) 76%, roasted almonds (USA) 22%, jujube (Korean dates) concentrate (Korean dates 100%) 1%, roasted soybean powder (Korean baektae soybeans 100%) 1%

Net Weight: 140 g / 5 oz
* Date printed on package is production date (consume by one year from date).
Storage Method: Recommend to store in the refrigerator 


Hongsam Cheonha, which believes that modern-day people need an emotional connection with nature, is a three-generation family business that produces reliable ginseng and red ginseng products in a self-established facility.  The company places great value in the natural beauty of Geumsan, Chungcheongnam-do, and strives to capture the benefits of the very best ginseng nature has to offer in their products.  In addition, products are made in eco-friendly packaging that can return to the environment while causing the least amount of harm.  Their Red ginseng pouches are biodegradable, and a portion of the proceeds are regularly donated to a Korean NGO. 

Yugisaem, a name derived from saem that has connotations of life and community, is an agricultural community that makes wholesome processed food from eco-friendly agricultural produce while participating in community service. No chemical additives are used in their healthy nuts and grains products except for natural ingredients. The community strives not only to introduce Korea's precious ingredients but also to reinterpret the world's food in a Korean way to develop a variety of food products that everyone worldwide can enjoy.


Red Ginseng Cheong

The universal rule is that it tastes bad if it’s good for you. This is also the case for red ginseng. But why don’t we ignore that rule? Don’t force it down like a medicine, but enjoy it, like a daily treat. KIM’C MARKET has found just the thing which will allow you to take red ginseng daily, without all the frowns. Hongsamcheonha, a company passed on from grandfather to father to son based on their experiences in ginseng farming, operates with the conviction of putting to product the powers of natural ginseng. Keep this Red Ginseng Cheong, which is somewhere between a jam and a sauce, at arm’s length to boost the whole family’s health.

For adults, take 3 times a day by dissolving the Cheong in cold or hot water as desired. Adding 4 to 6 times of water to the amount of Red Ginseng Cheong is recommended.

  • Diluting with milk, carbonated water, or soy milk is also an excellent way to enjoy the Cheong
  • Can be used as a sugar substitute when cooking and helps get rid of meaty smells while adding a distinctive flavor. Also great for stir-fry dishes.
  • Great as a salad dressing
  • Try frozen Red Ginseng Cheong in the summer as a unique delicacy
  • Can be served as a dipping sauce for various bread, confectionery, and rice cakes

Almond Dates

Enjoy the fantastic harmony of taste of Tunisian dates and California almonds in Almond Date from Yugisaem, a high-end handmade snack. Dates, mainly produced in the Middle East and Africa, are famous as the snack that Mansour, the Emirati billionaire royal and politician, consumes daily while managing his busy schedule. Since ancient times, dates have been food for travelers traversing the desert. It is a precious fruit, rich in nutrients that give vitality and energy, and is called the fruit of life.

Yugisaem's Almond Dates Konggomul uses the Tunisian Deglet Noor variety, called the queen of dates, with a soft and chewy texture outside. Seeded dates are rolled in first-rate California almonds, then cut one by one and sprinkled with Korean Konggomul, or soybean powder.

The dates are slightly dried, so the bite-size snacks are not too sticky and easy to eat. When you are low on sugar and need a snack, try these sweet but nutritious wholesome snacks to recharge your energy instead of having sweets or chocolates that are high-calorie but low in nutrients.

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