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Stir-Fried Gochujang (3 Flavors)

Stir-Fried Gochujang (3 Flavors)

SELL BY 05/08/2024

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프롬웰 볶음 고추장

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Stir-Fried Dried Pollack Gochujang  황태채 볶음 고추장

  • Gochujang 50% [red chili powder (Korea) 35%, glutinous rice (Korea) 40%, soybean powder (soybean/Korea) 10%, malt (Korea) 7%, sea salt (Korea) 5%], dried pollack strips (Russia) 35%, Sunchang Myeongbpum Gochujang 10%, sesame oil 2% (sesame/China), perilla (Korea) 2%, garlic (Korea) 1%
  • Contains a whopping 35% of sea breeze-dried golden dried pollack.
  • Lower sodium content: stir-fried with a broth made by boiling kelp and anchovy
  • 고추장 50%[고춧가루35%(한국산), 찹쌀40%(국산), 메주가루10%(대두/한국산), 엿기름7%(한국산), 천일염5% (한국산)], 황태채35%(러시아산), 순창명품고추장 10%, 참기름 2%(참깨/중국산), 들깨 2%(한국산), 마늘 1%(한국산)
  • 해풍에 잘 말린 황금빛 황태를 35%나 함유했어요!

Stir-Fried Deodeok Gochujang   더덕 볶음 고추장

  • Ingredients: Korean Gochujang (red pepper powder, glutinous rice, meju powder, malt, Shinan sun-dried salt) 50%, Korean deodeok 35%, Sunchang premium gochujang 10%, sesame oil 2%, perilla 2%, garlic 1%
  • Lower sodium content: stir-fried with a broth made by boiling kelp and anchovy
  • 원료: 한국산 고추장 50%(고춧가루, 찹쌀, 메주가루, 엿기름, 신안천일염), 한국산 더덕 35%, 순창 명품 고추장 10%, 참기름 2%, 들깨 2%, 마늘 1%

Stir-Fried Shiitake Mushroom Gochujang  표고 볶음 고추장

  • Ingredients: Korean Gochujang (red pepper powder, glutinous rice, soybean paste powder, malt oil, Shinan Sea Salt) 50%, Korean Shiitake Mushroom 35%, Sunchang premium gochujang 10%, sesame oil 2%, perilla 2%, garlic 1%
  • Lower sodium content: stir-fried with a broth made by boiling kelp and anchovy
  • 원료: 한국산 고추장 50%(고춧가루, 찹쌀, 메주가루, 엿기름, 신안천일염), 한국산 표고버섯 35%, 순창 명품 고추장 10%, 참기름 2%, 들깨 2%, 마늘 1%
No additives
無 첨가물


Process: HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, HALAL CERTIFICATE
Net Weight: 210g
Storage Method: 
Store in a cool and dry place away from exposure to direct sunlight.
*Please note that gochujang is a fermented product and without any preservatives it can continue to rise which can sometimes overflow or pop the lid. It is still safe to eat.



Founded in 2002 by artisan Kim In-soon, Fromwell is a traditional Korean sauce brand situated in Jangheung, Jeollanam-do, an area surrounded by Hinoki Cypress mountains and filled with valleys with crystal clear waters. Artisan Kim has received a minstrel commendation for her contribution to the development of the agriculture, forestry, livestock, and food industry.

2002년 설립된 프롬웰은 김인순 장인의 전통장 브랜드로, 편백나무 산이 둘러 있고 계곡마다 맑은 물이 흐르는 청정지역 전라남도 장흥을 배경으로 합니다.  김인순 장인은 농림축산식품산업발전에 공헌한 삶을 인정받아 장관 표창을 받은 바 있습니다. 


Stir-Fried Dried Pollack Gochujang
Fromwell has added fine-quality dried pollack strips to gochujang to jazz up the already tasty chili paste with a distinct flavor. The dried fish pieces become moist and chewy while imbuing the gochujang with its unique sweet taste, making it more savory.
➤ Made with barley malt and jocheong (sweet traditional Korean grain syrup) with no artificial sweeteners
➤ Boasts a lower sodium content than other products, stir-frying the gochujang in a long-simmered kelp and pollack head stock
➤ Goes wonderfully well with bibimbap, vegetable ssambap, and more
➤ A great intro course for those who have yet to acquire the taste for regular gochujang

Stir-Fried Deodeok Gochujang

Deodeok, the roots of a mountainous herb high in fiber with a crunchy texture, is also called “meat from the mountains.”  Traditionally used as a medicinal herb in Korean medicine, deodeok has found its way to the dinner table in modern times, being used as a classy food ingredient in Korean cooking.  In Fromwell’s Stir-Fried Deodeok Gochujang, dried deodeok is added to roasted premium quality gochujang, enhancing nutrition and taste.  Dried deodeok not only amplifies the distinctive aroma of the roots but increases the sugar content and adds to its savory flavor.  This delicious stir-fried gochujang contains a whopping 35% of deodeok, an alkaline ingredient rich in dietary fiber, pairing exceptionally well with meat dishes.  It also makes for easy addition to any dish, such as bibimbap or vegetable ssambap.  The stir-fried gochujang may be perfect for those still getting used to spicy foods as it has a milder taste than the regular version.

Stir-Fried Shiitake Mushroom Gochujang

In the forests of Jangheung, Jeollanam-do, Fromwell personally grows the chewy shiitake mushrooms that are used in their gochujang, adding only jocheong made from barley malt without any artificial sweeteners. Dried shiitake mushrooms have a high concentration of minerals and nutrients, such as phosphorus, vitamin D, etc., that increase during the drying process. They have a deeper aroma and flavor than raw ones, making dishes more savory when cooking. Fromwell’s Stir-Fried Gochujang includes 35% shiitake mushrooms, making it an ideal seasoning option for those who are watching what they eat.

How is Fromwell’s stir-fried gochujang different from regular gochujang?

- Lower sodium content. Since it is stir-fried with a broth made by boiling kelp and anchovy for a long time, it has less salt than your regular kind.

- Richer and fuller flavor. Mixing bibimbap with stir-fried gochujang will give a smoother and full-bodied taste. Fromwell’s products are enriched with deodeok and shiitake mushrooms so that you can enjoy even more flavor.

- Perfect for seasoning vegetables. Add a dollop, just as it is, to lettuce, salads, or any vegetable to get a great vegetarian or ssam dish that is good for you and tastes great, too.

프롬웰 황태채 볶음 고추장
고추장에 품질 좋은 황태채를 넣어 독특한 풍미를 냈어요. 황태채는 촉촉해지고 고추장엔 황태 특유의 단맛이 우러나와 더 감칠맛이 있죠.

➤ 인공감미료 없이 보리엿기름과 조청을 넣어 만든 볶음 고추장이에요.
➤ 다시마, 황태머리를 오랜 시간 끓여낸 육수에 고추장을 볶아 일반 제품보다 염도가 낮습니다.
➤ 비빔밥이나 야채 쌈밥 등에 특히 잘 어울리는 볶음 고추장이에요.
➤ 생 고추장에 아직 익숙하지 않은 분들에게 좋은 선택이에요.

프롬웰 더덕 볶음 고추장

더덕은 섬유질이 풍부하고 씹는 맛이 좋아 ‘산에서 나는 고기’로도 불립니다.  한의학에서는 약으로 쓰기도 했지만 현대에 와서는 다양한 한식에 기품 있는 재료로 쓰이죠.  프롬웰의 더덕 볶음 고추장은 프리미엄 고추장을 볶은 후 건조한 더덕을 첨가해 영양과 맛을 끌어 올렸습니다.  건조한 더덕은 더덕 특유의 향이 증폭될 뿐 아니라 당분도 증가해 감칠맛을 더합니다.  알칼리성 재료이며 식이섬유소가 풍부한 더덕을 35%나 넣고 볶아낸 고추장이기 때문에 육류요리에 특히 잘 어울리고요, 비빔밥이나 야채 쌈밥 등 어디에나 활용하기 참 편리합니다.  볶은 고추장은 일반 고추장보다 맛이 순해지기 때문에 매운 것을 잘 못먹는 분에게도 추천입니다.  

프롬웰 표고버섯 볶음 고추장

프롬웰이 전라남도 장흥 임야에서 직접 재배한 쫄깃한 표고버섯, 인공감미료 없이 보리엿기름으로 만든 조청을 넣어 볶은 고추장만 사용했습니다.  특히 건표고버섯은 말리는 과정에서 인 등의 무기질, 비타민D 등 영양 성분이 증가해 농축되죠. 생표고버섯보다 더 깊은 향과 맛을 내어 요리를 더 감칠맛 있게 합니다.  건표고버섯을 35%나 넣어 볶아낸 고추장이므로 건강을 생각하는 분들께 특히 이상적인 양념이 되어줍니다. 

프롬웰의 볶음 고추장, 일반 고추장과는 어떻게 다른가요? 

- 다시마, 국물멸치를 오랜 시간 끓여 완성한 육수에 고추장을 볶아낸 것이기 때문에 일반 고추장에 비해 염분이 낮은 장점이 있습니다. 

- 비빔밥을 볶음고추장으로 비비면 더 부드럽고 풍부한 맛이 납니다.  프롬웰의 제품은 더덕과 표고버섯을 풍부하게 첨가해 향까지 즐길 수 있게 했죠.

- 상추나 샐러드 야채 위에 올려만 먹어도 건강한 쌈채소 요리가 됩니다. 

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