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Fluidic Vacuum Bin 3L

Fluidic Vacuum Bin 3L

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Ingredients: ABS, PP Material
Net Weight:

5.75 in. X 6.57 in. X 10.24 in. / 101.44 fl.oz ( can store 2.5 kg or 6 lb 9.82 oz. of rice)
146mm(W) X 167mm(D) X 260mm(H) 3L(쌀 2.5kg 보관이 가능해요.)

Storage Method:
Keep away from heat.
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MGMC is a life design company that has designed products for more than 800 companies in South Korea and abroad, including Samsung Electronics, LG, and KTNG. Based on the development know-how and experience that has won more than 30 national and international design awards, the company has launched the brand MJMC to present innovative design lines – Fluidic and Luminous – that increase the quality of life.

엠지엠씨(MGMC)는 삼성전자, LG, KTNG 등 국내외 800여 기업의 제품을 디자인 진행한 강력한 생활 디자인 전문 회사입니다. 30여개의 국내외 디자인어워드를 석권했던 개발 노하우와 경험을 바탕으로 브랜드 엠지엠씨를 론칭해 혁신적이고 삶의 질을 높이는 디자인 라인, 플루딕(Fluidic)과 루미너스(Luminous)를 선보이고 있습니다.



Our vacuum-sealed container is designed to meet the storage needs of home chefs and individuals who frequently cook rice, among other grains. This versatile container is an essential addition to your kitchen, ensuring that your ingredients remain dry, fresh, and well-preserved over time.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Ideal for storing a wide range of dry ingredients, including rice, cereal, pet foods, nuts, pasta, dried seafood, coffee beans, and snacks. This container adapts to your kitchen storage needs, making it a universally useful item for any pantry.
  • Extended Freshness: The vacuum seal technology significantly slows the decay process, maintaining the freshness and dryness of your stored ingredients. Whether it's preserving the aroma of your coffee beans or keeping pasta ready for your next meal, our container ensures that your ingredients are in their best state.
  • Easy-to-Use Mechanism: With an innovative design, the container features a valve that, when flipped open, allows the lid to open easily. Pressing the lid down automatically seals it shut, creating a vacuum inside to preserve the quality of the contents. This user-friendly mechanism makes accessing and storing your ingredients hassle-free.
  • Convenience: Designed for daily use, this container is not only about keeping ingredients fresh but also about adding convenience to your cooking routine. The ease of opening and sealing ensures that even during busy cooking sessions, your ingredients are accessible without any hassle.

Engineered with the needs of home chefs and rice lovers in mind, this vacuum-sealed container is your solution to efficiently store a variety of kitchen essentials. Enhance your kitchen organization and meal preparation with this must-have storage solution.

Vacuum-Sealed Container That is Aesthetically Pleasing

➤ Push-lock vacuum system: Push down on the twin-valve system to remove the air inside. Blocks outside air from entering, keeping the ingredients fresh and preventing decay.
➤ 99.6% reduction in the number of bacteria
➤ Heavy metal and bisphenol A elution tested
➤ UV protection
➤ 100 fl oz of large capacity
➤ Air-tight seal function keeps ingredients fresh and blocks odor

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➤99.6% 세균수 감소
➤중금속 및 비스페놀A 용출 테스트 완료
➤자외선 차단
➤3L의 넉넉한 용량
➤밀폐 기능으로 신선함 유지와 냄새 차단

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