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Father's Hill

Five Grains Syrup

Five Grains Syrup

SELL BY 08/14/2024

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아빠랑 오곡곡물당

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  • All natural, all locally farmed rice, barley, brown rice, glutinous rice, and black beans

Brand & Artisan:

  • Four sincere people in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

Best Use:

  • Use this instead of sugar! Pour in coffee or tea, use this all natural sweetener for a variety of foods such as a marinade for meat, fruits, yogurt, and pancakes


When his daughter Nahee was born with severe eczema, a young father Juho went through strenuous measures, making lifestyle changes to free his child from her skin condition. Going through anxious days with no signs of her recovery, he abandoned his engineering job at a semiconductor chip maker and moved his family south to his hometown Goheung.

Juho began farming organic grains thinking they would help Nahee. Conscious about her eating, the father also started making traditional grain syrup to replace sugar. Being surrounded by the town’s clean environment and consuming no more sugar, Nahee, now 13, is happy now that her eczema is almost gone.

Juho created Father’s Hill in 2013 to share his grain syrup and other organic products he loves. The company logo is a drawing work by Nahee.

Why so special?

There is absolutely no sugar added to Father’s Hill Whole Grain Syrup, other than the natural sugar extraction that occurs through the processing of the organic five grains - rice, barley, brown rice, glutinous rice and black beans.

By farming its own farm, and producing the syrups utilizing his mother’s traditional recipe, Father’s Hill arrived at this wholesome whole grain syrup. Whole grain syrup can be a replacement for any ingredient using sugar, used in cafes as a sweetener, throw in some cinnamon and pour over pancakes.


Amber colored, smooth pouring, and sweet with no sugar, Father’s Hill Whole Grain Syrup is a nutritious alternative for those mindful of their sugar intake.

  • Best for Korean BBQ or fish seasoning, fruits, pancakes. Basically this whole grain syrup will replace any recipe using sugar
  • Say goodbye to sugar forever. Substitute sugar with the grain syrup. Pour 1¼ cup grain syrup for one cup of sugar
  • Farm-to-bottle using organic rice, barley, brown rice, glutinous rice, and black beans

설탕 없는 감미료, 오곡곡물당을 만나보세요.  아토피 발진으로 고생하는 딸 나희를 위해 엔지니어 아빠가 개발했습니다.  청정마을 전남 고흥에서 아빠가 직접 기른 유기농 쌀과 보리, 현미, 찹쌀, 검은콩 다섯 유기농 곡물로 만들어요.  설탕 시럽이나 올리고당처럼 인위적이지 않고 풍미 있는 달콤함이 있답니다.  육류나 조림류, 토마토 같은 과일, 팬케익 등 다양한 활용이 가능한 곡물당, 아이들에게 참 좋습니다.

우리가 흔히 사용하는 정제 설탕 소비를 모두 끊고 설탕 들어가는 모든 것에 조청시럽만 사용하니 나희 피부는 거의 다 나았어요. 청정마을에서 직접 키운 유기농 곡물만 사용합니다.   

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