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Essential Rice Gift

Essential Rice Gift

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  • Carefully curated Essential Rice Gift Box for you or your loved one


Everything you need to pair with specialty Korean rice.

This set features:

  • Kisoondo Strawberry Gochjuang (230g)
  • Kisoondo Traditional Doenjang (230g)
  • Kisoondo Traditional Soy Sauce (250ml)
  • 2lb Samgwang Rice - Freshly Milled 100% White
  • Comes with gift box

Transform your meal with our premium Korean sauces & seasonings and transport yourself to the wonderful world of Korean cooking.  Made with only the highest quality ingredients sourced straight from Korea.

Storage Method:

Please keep this rice in the refrigerator. Our farmers use a little amount of pesticide and skip the smokey pesticide process which eliminates even bug eggs. Storing the rice in a moist or warm area can possibly hatch rice eggs that are not removed because of the farmers minimal processing. Storage in the refrigerator will also maintain the freshness.

쌀은 냄새를 흡수하는 성질도 강해요.  주변에 조리해 놓은 국냄비나 손질한 음식재료, 참기름, 세제 등 강한 냄새를 풍기는 것과는 거리를 유지해 주세요.  밀폐 용기에 담아 냉장보관하시는 것을 최우선으로 추천드려요.  

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