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Anseong Mother's Hands

IQ Extract (Sell by 7/1/24)

IQ Extract (Sell by 7/1/24)

SELL BY 07/01/2024

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안성엄마손꾸러미 IQ농축액

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  • Ingredients: Only 100% Korean dates, aronia berries (chokeberries), Korean pears, and bellflowers.  No water, sugar, or artificial chemical added.
  • Process: 16 hours of slow pressure cooking method to extract rich flavors of ingredients and preserve all of the nutritional benefits.
  • Awards: 2020 Seoul Food
  • Facility: HACCP Certified

Kim’C Market’s Tip

  • Add IQ Extract to warm milk at 1:7 ratio to enjoy as special milk tea.  IQ농축액과따뜻한 우유를 1:7의 비율로 섞으면 맛있는 밀크티가 됩니다.

Net Weight: 100g (=3.53 oz.; 10 sticks of 10g/stick)

Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place.  Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.

Sell By Date: 24 months from date printed on package.


Anseong Mother’s Hands is a farmers association consisting of five once-upon-city-dwellers-turned-farmers in the Anseong region.  Those farmers work as a team nicknamed “Fivengers” to grow crops, produce healthy snacks using their fresh harvested crops.

안성엄마손꾸러미는 귀농한 안성 5개 농장 대표들이 모여 시작한 영농조합법인이에요.  우리 몸을 신선하고 건강하게 만들어 줄 깨끗한 농산물을 직접 재배, 판매한다는 취지로 만들어졌지요.  자신들의 농산물로 농산물가공식품을 만들어 소비자에게 직거래 판매를 하거나 다양한 농산물을 꾸러미로 보내기도 하지요. 


One of the “Fivengers” of Anseong Mother’s Hands, farmer Bumkyu Lee wanted to make something special for his granddaughter’s dol, the first birthday party.  Using only fresh Anseong pears, jujube, aronia berries, bellflowers and radish, IQ Extract is the product of slow pressure cooked for 16 hours.  Unlike conventional extracts, there is no water, sugar, or artificial preservatives added.  You can taste the richness of the flavors in each pouch of IQ Extract.  Its malty delicate sweetness is full of vitamins that are a great booster for the immune system.  For convenience, the farmers included the extracts from healthy natural ingredients into small pouches for drinking on the go.  You can add it to water or sparkling water to make your own delicious beverage.

손녀의 돌잔치 답례품으로 만들었던 농축액이 입소문 나서 상품으로 출시하게 되었다는 IQ 농축액을 소개합니다.  아이들을 생각해 물이나 설탕, 방부제를 넣지 않고 오로지 100% 안성 배를 착즙하고 한국산 아로니아, 대추, 도라지, 무말랭이를 넣고 16시간 고았어요.  농부가 직접 키워 만든 영양만점 보약입니다.  간편한 휴대를 위해 스틱형으로 만들어 어디서든 드시기 쉬워요.  물이나 탄산수에 타시면 건강한 음료로 변신합니다.  IQ농축액은 아시아 4대 식품전시회 중 하나인 <2020 서울국제식품산업대전> 힐링분야에서 우수상품으로 선정된, 인정받는 식품입니다. 

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