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Premium Gochujang (Red Chili Paste) (150g)

Premium Gochujang (Red Chili Paste) (150g)

4 reviews

죽장연 고추장

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  • All natural, all locally sourced Korean ingredients
  • Only Red Pepper Powder, Malt Syrup, Sweet Rice and Salt. Compare this with others that are full of chemicals and additives. 발효를 시키지 않아 갖가지 화학재료, 몸에 좋지 않은 시럽을 넣어 만든 제품들과는 향부터 다릅니다.

Brand & Artisan:

  • Farmers in the Valley of Jookjang-ri, Korea

Production Process:

  • 1,000 days of fermentation

No chemical additives such as preservatives, artificial colorings or synthetic seasoning. JookJangYeon is vintage jang made with nothing but Mother Nature and wisdom of time.

Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 2.25 in (W) 3 in (H)
Best before date: Printed on package
Product delivered to you will be at least three months from expiration date unless on sale.
*Please note that this is a fermented product and without any preservatives it can continue to rise which can sometimes overflow (the lid is intentionally popped to allow breathing space for the fermented paste). It is still safe to eat.


Jookjangyeon, Korea's most recognized Gochujang artisan, is located in Jookjang-ri, situated in a valley on the eastern seaside of Korea. The valley is perfect for a doenjang and gochujang farm. It receives warmth of the sun from sunrise to sunset.

Every ingredient is from nature; soybeans, red chili peppers, sweet syrup made from sweet rice. Even the earthen pot for fermentation is handmade by a national potter. All ingredients are sourced directly from the local farms in the area. Local farmers make this special Gochujang together.

Meet our producers: 

Why so special? Love of mother nature and wisdom of time...

Fermentation is the art of time, care and blessing from mother nature. Starting with picking the best natural ingredients, Jookjangyeon Gochujang blends two types of Korean chili pepper flakes to get that awesome delicious spiciness. Natural sweetness is added from handmade rice malt syrup and sweet rice. No added sugar. 

Even the salt used for Jookjangyeon products is a special sun-dried sea salt that has gone through three years of natural bittern-removal process. This purifying process removes bitterness from the natural salt. 

When all ingredients are ready, it’s time for mother nature to give her blessing. All ingredients are added to artisanal earthen pot for fermentation for a minimum of six months.

Benefits of Gochujang?

There are reasons why Gochujang is Korea’s favorite hot pepper condiment. Besides its taste and use, Gochujang stimulates fat loss and speeds metabolism. Gochujang has the same health benefits as kombucha as it ferments in the same way.


Your soon-to-be favorite sweet hot sauce in your pantry. A go-to for the chefs of Michelin-starred restaurants in New York and San Fransisco, this versatile Korean chili pepper paste called Gochujang (pronounced go-choo-jahng) is everything graced from mother nature and time.

  • Jookjangyeon Gochujang is sweet, savory with a kick of spiciness. Cook, mix, or dip, have fun with it for extra heat to your favorite dish.
  • 1,000 days to ferment each jar of Jookjangyeon Gochujang.
  • Made with only natural ingredients, Korean red chili pepper flakes from Cheongyang (청양고추), sweet rice, rice malt syrup, 3-year sun-dried sea salt and most importantly, time.
  • No chemical additives such as preservatives, artificial colorings or synthetic seasoning. Only mother nature and wisdom of time in this jar.

천일 걸려 만드는 죽장연 고추장에는 자연과 세월 이외에는 아무 것도 넣지 않았습니다.  사용중인 고추장의 재료 레이블과 비교해 보세요.

뉴욕과 샌프란시스코 미슐랭스타 레스토랑에서 사용하는 죽장리 고추장은 햇볕 잘 드는 경상도 죽장리 골짜기에서 주민들과 함께 만듭니다.  무형문화재 25호 이무남 옹기장의 수작업을 통해 완성된 항아리에서 100% 순수 국산콩과 3년간 간수를 뺀 신안천일염, 200m 지하 천연암반수를 정제한 물로 정성들여 만든 전통 고추장을 김씨마켓이 자신있게 추천합니다.

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Best Gochujiang I’ve tried in the U.S!

I made Kimchee fried rice with this gochujiang sauce. It tastes SO delicious! What I love about this sauce is that it’s not super salty like the other brands, and it doesn’t taste like MSG. Usually I feel bloated when I make Kimchee fired rice because the sauce is heavy and very salty. I still feel healthy after a whole plate of fried rice and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to cook a healthy and delicious meal without compromises the taste!


Highly recommend! Started out with this size but had to upgrade.

This 고추장 is so tasty I have had to upgrade to the larger jar. I have tasted it side by side with supermarket 고추장 (해찬들 brand) and noticed a marked difference in flavor. Whereas the supermarket brand was primarily about heat (even though it was labeled as Mild), 죽장연’s 고추장 is much more subtle and nuanced - it has a deep warmth as opposed to just straight up fire, a rounder kind of heat that’s much more satisfying - if one were waxing poetic, perhaps like warming yourself in front of a cozy fire, as opposed to the feeling of being chased by a raging brush fire. Too, 죽장연’s 고추장 has additional layers of complexity that are almost wine-like. You actually get hints of peppery sweetness and darker notes of plummy jam-iness. It makes your mouth water with umaminess, a stark contrast to the 해찬들 고추장 which packs a punch, but with excessive salt as opposed to rich notes of umami. Last but not least, texture-wise, the 죽장연 장 just feels much more natural - and, now that I look at the ingredients of its supermarket counterpart, I see that corn syrup is listed as its second ingredient. Perhaps that explains its slightly sticky texture, as well as its high level of salt (to cover excessive corn syrupy sweetness)? Suffice it to say, IMHO, 죽장연‘s 고추장 is markedly superior to the supermarket variety in terms of flavor - and, I imagine, much healthier too. TL;DR: for any sauces or dishes of nuance, especially ones where 고추장 plays a starring role, this is now my gotojang (go-to + gochujang)!

Erin H.

So good I just eat spoonfuls

The best Gochujang sauce I've ever bought. I go through it like water. I wish they offered a bulk discount b/c I buy it so frequently. Buying some right now to hand out to friends.

Byounghui L.

tasty and healthy food!!!

I love kim'c market items. Taste good and healthy foods. I bought several gochugangs for my friends. They loved it!!!!!!