Tofu "Steak" in Perilla Oil Recipes

Written By Kim'C Market - July 09 2019

Cooking time: 15 mins

This dish is for all our vegetarians and vegans ( or just anyone who enjoys tofu) out there. While we understand that tofu is not an exact meat replacement, it is still a protein that is enjoyed all around the world in different ways. Not only is it completely healthy and delicious, it soaks up any form and sauce you add to it, making it the perfect star of the show. 

In this simple recipe, we show you how to make a delicious tofu "steak" by frying the thick cuts of tofu in some fragrant perilla oil, seasoning with only salt and pepper. You could enjoy this with anything you want, but we recommend it with some kimchi for a perfect meal!


Let’s Cook

  1. Drain water from tofu pack, slicing longways ¾ inches wide.
  2. Pat tofu to remove excess water.
  3. Heat up pan, adding vegetable oil first.
  4. Then drizzle Chung-O Perilla Oil.
  5. Fry tofu, sprinkling salt and pepper until golden brown.
  6. Plate with kimchi, sprinkle mix of Chung-O Sesame Seeds and chives to finish.