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Want to Embrace Korean Kimchi in Your Everyday Diet? Read This

Kimchi, a traditional Korean staple, is made using a wide range of fermented vegetables such as cabbage, radish, carrot, and onion. Its preparation involves fermenting the vegetables and adding various Korean spices. Spicy and sour, traditional Korean kimchi is a kitchen staple and is often used for noodle dishes. Some people also prefer to eat it straight out of the pickle jar. Kimchi can be found in almost every Korean household. It is possible to buy kimchi jars in most supermarkets and online sites. 

Kimchi offers multiple health benefits and maintains the overall health of the body. It is often recommended to include kimchi in your daily diet.


Nutritional benefits to eating kimchi:

The nutritional value of kimchi varies slightly based on the use of different ingredients. Generally, kimchi offers an average calorie range, high carbohydrate content, and high protein. Along with the low sugar and fat content, kimchi provides multiple health benefits to the body.

Prominent health benefits of kimchi:

  • Kimchi helps to get clear, flawless skin and healthy hair 

While kimchi helps your internal system, it also provides excellent skin and hair benefits. The high selenium and vitamin C content in kimchi helps support healthy skin. It also helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and can add shine to hair.

  • Kimchi is a rich source of good bacteria

Kimchi helps to maintain the overall health of your body by offering probiotics due to its fermented nature. It is also a source of lactobacilli, a bacteria that helps improve digestion.

  • Helps maintain your weight 

Along with the low calorie count, kimchi also aids in metabolism, which can indirectly help weight loss. 

  • Protect you from potential health hazards

Kimchi contains high selenium and allicin contents, which helps decrease cholesterol levels in the body. Korean kimchi can also reduce elevated blood pressure levels, thereby protecting you from the risks of a stroke or other heart-related ailments.

  • Provides clear sight and improves the overall health of the body

The vitamin A content in kimchi is beneficial for your eyesight and helps maintain clear vision. As vitamin A is also a good antioxidant, it prevents the growth of free radicals that contribute to cancer. The inclusion of kimchi in your diet is, therefore, considered beneficial for the overall health of the body.

Kimchi as an immunity booster during the COVID-19 pandemic:

According to researchers at the University of Ulsan, kimchi aids immune cells to produce more antibodies. Kimchi can help keep the gut healthy as most immune functions take place there. Korean kimchi food enhances the activities of immune cells by up to 75%. The ingredients in kimchi also combat the symptoms of some allergies.

Healthily eating kimchi: 

With the mix of ingredients and spices, the preparation of kimchi is easily possible at home. Depending on your choice of vegetables and spices, kimchi is made in various ways. It can be incorporated in dishes like salad toppings, stews, soups, and more. 

Where to buy kimchi?

One can buy kimchi easily from a Korean grocery store. If you are looking for authentic Korean kimchi, you can explore various options available on Kim'C Market.

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