Kids have the hardest palate to please, but that’s not the only challenge.  As mentioned in Healthline, many snacks for kids on supermarket shelves are extremely unhealthy.  With the confusing labeling of food products, often full of refined flour, corn syrups and artificial ingredients, it’s hard to avoid allergy restrictions and make the right choice when selecting foods that are delicious and healthy.

We started adding more healthy Korean food products and wanted to share the top five products on the why and how these products are so darn good and even better, healthy for you and your kids.

1. Hokklak Grain Chips

These 100% gluten free grain chips come in fun shapes and can be eaten alone, but there are so many ways to enjoy this and make actual meals from these chips.  The word hokklak means “small” in Jeju dialect.  The shapes are a homage to Jeju Island's famous dol hareubang (rock statues) and horses.  Hokklak Grain Chips are made from freshly prepared Jeju black barley and high-quality domestic brown rice, strictly selected natural ingredients without frying but baking.  The shape of the chips are hollow, providing room to throw in ingredients to make hor d'oeuvres, and it doesn’t stop there. Create a meal of porridge or oatmeal for kids by soaking the chips in water then microwaving for a minute.

2. The Test Kitchen Single Origin Vegan Crackers

These are the crackers you can trust to give to your kids, 100% Vegan, Additive Free, Egg Free, and Dairy Free.  Frustrated with unhealthy snacks full of additives and artificial flavors, a few women started The Test Kitchen, focusing on ingredients and baking.  The Test Kitchen uses four main ingredients from four specific farmers, thus the name “Single Origin.” The Test Kitchen Vegan Crackers are made with whole ingredients, you can see and smell the pulp of the fruits or vegetables used for each cracker.

3. Father’s Hill Whole Grain Syrup

You can trust to replace all sugar with Father’s Hill Whole Grain Syrup.  This is a bee-free vegan honey that comes from boiling grains for 14 hours, following a traditional Korean way of making Jocheong, a healthy sweetener.  No preservatives. No additives. Use this to replace all sugar when baking or cooking, pour over yogurt, oatmeal, fruits, and pancakes, this is a healthy food kids would love.

4. Taegyeong Fermented Bellflower & Pear

When your kid has a cough or feels under the weather, it’s tough to face the challenge of grabbing any over the counter medicine.  You may question the severity of the ingredients in the medicine when your kid may not need something so strong. This does not have to be your worry when you have Taegyeong Fermented Bellflower & Pear.  The health benefits of bellflower and pear are widely known amongst Koreans. Fermented Bellflower & Pear is super sweet but has no sweetener or added sugar. The secret of the sweetness is in its famous pear.  A spoonful of Fermented Bellflower & Pear can be consumed a few times throughout the day when you or your child feels discomfort in the throat. A spoonful can also be diluted in hot water to make tea.

5. Owl’s Storeroom Soy Sauce for Kids

When cooking Korean food for kids, this will be your go-to umami.  Owl's Storeroom Soy Sauce is carefully selected with over 30 healthy ingredients including fruit juice, vegetables, and dried fish without any chemical additives or preservatives.  Using no sugar, the soy sauce is sweetened from the fruit juices and tastes less saltier than regular soy sauce, so you can use it more safely when cooking for children.

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