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Interview With Maggie Xue, Founder and CEO of Us Two Tea

As a part of our series on spotlighting Asian-American owned businesses we sat down with Founder and CEO of Us Two Tea, Maggie Xue.

Tell us what your company does and why it’s noteworthy.

Us Two Tea is an Asian-founded and owned tea brand that strives to create the best farm-to-cup experience for all tea lovers. We are making Asian tea culture more accessible to people in the U.S and speak to them in a way that coffee connects people here: Inclusive, welcoming, and accessible. Us Two Tea not only shares the Asian American experience but also inspires future generations to embrace and be proud of their culture and heritage - proud of being Asian American.

Share some of the challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them.

In early 2019, our packaging factory in Shanghai missed the deadline due to the Chinese New Year holiday. I didn’t realize it until I delivered the packages to the tea manufacturers in Taiwan, the manufacturer’s manager told me it was impossible to package the tea before the ship headed to the U.S. So I booked a flight on the same day to Taiwan and explained to him in person about the situation and the story behind Us Two Tea. Luckily, he was very understanding and moved by my mission and passion, so he asked all the staff to work during the weekend and everyone was so aligned. Finally, we made it the minute before the ship left the port. It was super stressful but I will never forget the help and kindness that I received from people when I first started the company.

Describe the moment you were proud of being Asian American since you began your entrepreneurial journey.

I am proud of being Asian American every single moment. I am very honored to be Asian and share my culture and tea with people from all backgrounds. Especially because what we stand for as a company, we have so many amazing people who joined the team to grow this brand together. To see our younger generation changing the dynamic and making a difference out there. We can dare to defy expectations and stand out, not just fit in.

Maggie Xue, CEO and Founder

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