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How To Customize Your Rice

March 29 2021

Rice is a staple of any Korean meal. And as a main ingredient it has the potential to make or break a dish. We’ve all experienced the disappointment of sitting through a stale and flavorless blob of rice. But what determines the difference between a good bowl of rice and a bad bowl of rice? Well freshness comes to mind. When we think of freshness, we often think of the harvest date, but when it comes to rice the milling date and rate is just as important.

How does the milling date affect the freshness of the rice?

You can think of rice in terms of an apple. Like an apple, rice has a protective layer called the hull that seals in the nutrients contained in each rice kernel. As we all know, an apple with its skin on can stay fresh for days or even weeks but once you remove that skin you’ll be lucky if it's still fresh by lunch. Similarly, once the hull is removed during the milling process, the rice loses this armor and becomes susceptible to nutrient loss and decomposition.

Unfortunately, companies in the US are not required to post the milling date. So for all you know your bag of rice could have been degrading on a shelf for months. Kim’C Market solves this problem for you. Not only printing the milling date on the package but going a step further. To ensure you receive the freshest Korean rice, we wait until the day of shipment to mill our rice. What results is a rich and aromatic tasting experience packed with nutrients.

What do we mean by custom milling rate?

The milling rate corresponds to the amount of the hull that gets removed. The higher the percentage, the more of the hull is removed. For instance, white rice has the highest milling rate while brown rice has the lowest milling rate, removing only the outer hull while maintaining the edible bran layer. Because Kim’C Market controls the milling process for our premium rice we give you the power to customize the milling rate of rice.

So how do you decide what milling rate to pick?

Well, it depends on your nutrition needs and the intended use. The milling rate primarily affects the nutrition density, digestibility, flavor, cooking time and texture of the rice. When rice is processed, the top layers of the hull are removed leaving behind the bran layer. From here the bran layer is either left on, creating brown rice or milled to remove the bran layer leaving behind kernels of white rice.

Rice milling comparison chart for customizing your rice
Brown Rice:
  • The bran layer is chewy and nutrient dense, containing fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and protein. Brown rice thus possesses these qualities. Equally so, since the bran layer serves as a protective barrier, brown rice and rice with a lower milling rate may be harder for some to digest. Equally so, brown rice takes longer to cook compared to white rice. Flavor wise, the bran layer may give the rice a nuttier flavor making it well suited to be paired with bolder flavors. 

White Rice:

  • White rice is made by milling off the bran and germ layer. What is revealed is the white starchy endosperm layer. As a result it contains less nutrients. But where white rice lacks in nutrients it makes up for in versatility. The high starch percentage contributes to a sweeter and more mild flavor profile and a sticky texture. So if you love the taste of white rice but what some nutrients, go ahead and pair it with your favorite veggies or use it as a blank canvas for your favorite flavors. The possibilities are endless!

Partially Milled Rice:

  • In between these two ends of the spectrum, we have 70% off bran and 50% off bran rice which combine the qualities of brown and white rice to different degrees. Partially milled rice allows you to have the best of both worlds.

What other factors contribute to the quality of the rice and why choose Kim'C Premium Rice?

Growing environment, farming practices and rice storage all play a major role in the outcome of rice quality. Aside from fresh and custom milling, Kim'C Market strives to meet the highest standards for producing premium rice. We source our rice from a cooperative of local farmers stationed in Gyeonggi, Korea. Gyeonggi is known for its fertile soil and tropical climate that make it an optimal location to grow rice. Farmers abide by all procedures required for Good Agricultural Practices Certification. Doing so ensures the quality, safety, and sustainability of our products. Once harvested, we store our rice in a cool and dry environment until you place an order. We then freshly mill it according to your preference and ship it to you!

Kim’C Market elevates rice from a blank canvas to the star of the show!

Try our premium line of custom milled-to-order Golden Queen III, Charm Dream, Gawaji No. 1 and Samgwang rice!

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