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Goyang-si Rice Research Society Farming Association

Korean Rice Meal Kit

Korean Rice Meal Kit

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  • Ingredients: Gawaji No. 1 breed that gives an incomparable chewing experience
  • Freshness: Kim’C Market mills the premium Korean rice and sends you the freshest rice
  • Certificates: GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certified
  • Recommendation: No need to soak rice before cooking.  Use 10% less water than regular rice for a thick, sticky finish

Manjun Seaweed: Artisan with 40 years of experience

Jeju Traditional Fish Sauce:

  • Ingredients: Horse mackerel (Japanese jack mackerel) and young mackerel from Jeju Island, 3-year-dried sea salt

One Tablet Natural Seafood Stock:

  • Ingredients: Domestically produced 16 ingredients of vegetables and seafood
  • Recommendation: Thick seafood stock for noodles, soups, tang (탕) and stews 


    Gawaji No.1 is a unique rice breed produced by the Gyeonggi Provincial Agricultural Research Institute and the City of Goyang.  Known to be the first cultivated rice on the Korean Peninsula, Gawaji No.1 is supplied to over 30 schools.  Unlike the U.S., only only the high quality food products are used at schools. 

    Manjun Seaweed is known for quality gim. Its Organic Gobchang Dol Gim is produced at a gim farm in clean sea of Korea following a traditional method.

    Haeeorim (해어림) is a cool name meaning “salted seafood,” “meat,” and “wood.”

    Trunas is an expert of freeze-dry technology.



    Gawaji No. 1 is a rice breed almost exclusively harvested in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do and nearby towns.  As Gawaji No. 1 has less protein and more amylopectin than other breeds, you can enjoy a delightful rice chewing experience.  When this rice is cooked, you will taste the stickiness that is in between non-glutinous rice and glutinous rice.

    Gim (김, dry seaweed or nori) is a fixture in Korean cuisine. Koreans eat it with rice. In America, it is a popular snack. Among many gims from Korea, the No. 1 dry seaweed exporter in the world, Kim’C Market proudly introduces the best one from Korea, Manjun Seaweed.

    Haeeorim uses only horse mackerels and young mackerels caught in Jeju Island. The producers ferment those select fish for more than a year. Its flesh completely melts, then separates into liquid and bones. The filtered reddish liquid is fish sauce. As it’s fully fermented, this fish sauce doesn’t smell pungent. It’s full of umami flavor, almost sweet.

    Using one tablet, you can create any soup dish from the 16 fresh ingredients made into the tablet. One Tablet Natural Seafood Stock is a popular, proven product among Korean housewives, selling over 1 million bottles. It is freeze-dried to preserve the taste, aroma and nutrition of six seafood (kelp, bonito, anchovy, pollack, tuna and clam) and ten agricultural products (garlic, burdock, lotus root, leek, radish, ginger, beans, shiitake mushroom, cabbage and onion).

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