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Wild Conger Eels (1 Pack)

Wild Conger Eels (1 Pack)

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통발로 잡은 바다장어

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  • Conger eel (Korea) 100%
  • 바다장어 100% (한국산)

Process: HACCP
Net Weight: 500 g
Storage Method:
Store in the freezer immediately upon receipt
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Kim'C Market has partnered with the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives (SUHYUP) of South Korea, the leader in developing the Korean fishing industry and regional economies. We've worked together to bring the freshest, most reliable quality seafood products from South Korea to our customers in the United States. 

Geunhae Tongbal Fisheries Cooperative carefully catches and selects the eels that Kim'C Market will send straight to your front door.

KIM’C MARKET이 대한민국 수산업과 어촌경제의 발전을 이끄는 수협(수산업협동조합중앙회)과 파트너십을 맺고 한국에서 가장 신선하고 믿을 수 있는 수산물을 미국까지 공수합니다. 바다애찬의 오징어젓과 낙지젓은 수협중앙회가 수매부터 가공, 포장까지 모두 책임지기 때문에 더 신뢰가 가는 제품입니다.


Geunhae Tongbal Fisheries Cooperative, the only fisheries cooperative dedicated to conger eels in South Korea, has been catching wild eels for over 40 years. You will taste the difference of wild-caught eels caught traditionally in tongbals, cylindrical fish traps made of willow, or bamboo.

= How to Enjoy Conger Eel =

We recommend two ways to enjoy this delicious treat.

  1. Initially, grill the eel, apply the special sauce, and grill again to make yangyeom (seasoned) grilled eel.
  2. Sprinkle with a bit of salt to really get the taste of the eel.
  • Low in calories but high in nutritional value
  • Wild conger eels flash-frozen at -43.6℉ after completely removing the heads, innards, and bones
  • Individually vacuumed-packed prepped conger eels for easy cooking and freezer storage"
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