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Warming Snack Bundle

Warming Snack Bundle

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Warmer Warmer

  • Hanbang Life Creator x Kyunghee University (top Eastern medicine program) x Kanghwa mugwort farmers (the best quality mugwort region) collaboration
    경희대 + 강화약쑥 + 생활한방연구소 공동 연구 개발.
  • Only the best quality baby mugwort in early summer from Kanghwa-do is used for mugwort extract
    품질이 우수한 강화도 강화약쑥 중 초 여름에 나는 햇쑥만을 사용했습니다.

Process: HACCP Certification

Kim’C Market Tip
Drink the extract directly from the package or mix with hot water to make tea
Net Weight: 12g X 30 = 360g (12.70 oz)
Storage Method: Room temperature.  Store in a cool and dry place away from children.
Best Before Date: Printed on the package.

Gangjeong Ingredients:

With Brown Rice
Brown rice (Korea) 50%, red ginseng slices 20% (red ginseng 60%, honey 40%), peanuts (Korea) 6%, almonds (USA) 5%, pumpkin seed (China) 6%, starch syrup 10%, rapeseed oil 2% (canola oil), roasted salt

With Nuts
Red ginseng slices 20% (red ginseng 50%, honey 40%), brown rice (Korea) 16%, peanut (Korea) 15%, white rice (Korea) 10%, starch syrup 10%, almond (USA) 7%, sunflower seed (China) 6%, pumpkin seeds (China) 6%, walnuts (USA) 5%, black sesame (Korea) 3%, sesame(Korea) 3%, roasted salt

Process: HACCP

Net Weight

  • With Brown Rice: 200 g (7 oz) x 1 box
  • With Nuts: 250 g (8.8 oz) x 1 box
  • Set of Both: 450 g (15.8 oz) x 2 / 1 box

Storage Method:  Keep this in a cool, dry place
Best Before Date: Printed on the package.


Hanbang Life Creator is on a mission to make Hanbang (Eastern medicine) more easily integrated into everyday life.  Hanbang Life Creator products are developed by licensed professional eastern medicine doctors to provide functional benefits with easy convenience.

Founded in 1965, Poonggi Insam Co is the longest-running ginseng brand.  Located in Kyungsang Buk-Do in Poonggi town, the historical region for the famous Koryu Insam from the 1500's, known for the highest quality ginseng compared to any other region in the world.  Poonggi Insam Co takes pride in continuing the legend. 


Mugwort is a do-it-all super ingredient for women’s health in Eastern Medicine.  It is antiviral, anti-bacterial, good for the digestive system, liver health, immune system, skincare, heart health and so much more. The most well-known quality is that mugwort is great in warming up the body, which is the first step in women’s health.  But the bitterness makes it hard to consume mugwort in daily dosage.  Hanbang Life Creator Warmer Warmer is a mugwort extract with a nice hint of sweetness in easy individual stick packaging.  Why not have a stick of Warmer Warmer as your afternoon pick-me-up to warm up your body and boost your immune system?

Poonggi Insam, the ginseng company you can trust, introduces Red Ginseng Gangjeong, a traditional Korean snack similar to a granola bar. Gangjeong with red ginseng? Now that's an energy bar.

Two flavors come elegantly packed in a wooden box made of royal foxglove tree, making it a great present.

√ With Brown Rice: Made with honeyed red ginseng slices and crispy brown rice in the traditional method with no artificial additives
√ With Nuts: Made with honeyed red ginseng slices and crunchy nuts

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