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Zodiac: Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep. 22)

Zodiac: Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep. 22)

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Grand Noodle Buckwheat Noodles:
Wheat flour 67% (USA, Australia), buckwheat (Korea) 30%, sea salt (Korea) 2.3%
밀가루 67%(미국, 호주산), 메밀 30%(한국산), 천일염 2.3%(한국산)

The Happy Ms. Jungeun Fresh Sesame Oil: 100% Korean sesame seeds

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As the ultimate earth sign, you're all about quick and efficient meals. You're practical and prefer your foods to be as well. Healthy yet flavorful. Simple, yet hardy. 


Grand Noodle Buckwheat Noodles

Grand Noodle’s Buckwheat Noodles are made with buckwheat grown in Jeju’s Boreumwat, which means the roughest, wind-blowing field in the island’s dialect. The noodle contains 30% of these grain-like seeds that grow in dire conditions with tenacity, made by mixing a unique ratio of powdered whole and dehulled buckwheat based on Grand Noodle’s extensive experience.

Toss them in perilla oil or splash a bit of tzuyu sauce. The rich flavor of the Jeju buckwheat and the chewy texture of the noodles will create tastefully inviting dishes you can enjoy. This is one noodle you may not want to go al dente; thoroughly cooking them will bring out an even earthier, deep flavor of the buckwheat.

Grand Noodle’s Buckwheat Noodles, made with the 30-year experience and care of the master artisan, come in protective, elegant packaging containing 9 servings.

The Happy Ms. Jungeun Fresh Sesame Oil

Paying attention to what we consume has never been more important.  So it’s not a surprise that the demand for Korean sesame seed and perilla seed oils have skyrocketed, once their health benefits were reported about improving immunity and containing the highest omega-3 levels among all vegetable oils.

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