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I Love You Snack Bundle

I Love You Snack Bundle

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Choco Cinnamon Cracker 45g: Flour (Korea), Unrefined sugar cane, Sunflower oil, Cocoa powder, Unrefined salt, Cinnamon powder, Vanilla bean extract

Earl Grey Cracker 45g: Flour (Korea), Unrefined cane sugar, Sunflower oil, Earl Grey Tea Powder (Sri Lanka), Black Tea Concentrate Powder (Sri Lanka), Unrefined salt

Mugwort Cracker 45g: Flour (Korea), Unrefined cane sugar, Sunflower oil, Mugwort powder (Korea), Unrefined salt

Chocolate Gim Snack: Gim, chocolate, and roasted brown rice are combined to create a unique tasting snack.

Basachago: 100% Korea Sweet Potato chips

Chestnuts: 100% Korean Chestnuts, fully ripe, peeled completely and packaged in pouches

Abisak Strawberry Chips: Strawberry (Korea) 100%

Abisak Tangerine Chips: Tangerine (Korea) 100%

Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place.  Avoid direct sunlight and humidity. 


Nothing says "I love you" like a box full of sweets and snacks to make your tummy and heart happy.


Plant-Based Crackers

Choco Cinnamon, Earl Grey, Mugwort:

Let’s introduce Eat’s Better crackers made with plant-based ingredients. It is a crispy cracker that can be baked in the oven, and the more you chew it, the more you can feel the flavor of its own ingredients. 100% Natural Ingredients and 0% Cholesterol. Made with 100% Korean flour and organic raw sugar, not only is the taste guaranteed but the nutritional value is as well. This product has passed strict vegetarian and vegan certifications, so both vegans, vegetarians, and everyone alike could enjoy this without any concerns. This vegan snack is perfect for those days you want something healthy, light and delicious without all the harsh artificial flavors.

Chocolate Gim Snack

When you’re craving something or looking for the perfect anju (food that is accompanied when having a drink), laver or gim in Korean may be your answer. Gim is not only good for you, but it is also considered the best banchan (side dishes) by most children. Plain laver is tasty, but special ingredients added to this gim snack make it even more delightful.


You can have your cake and eat it too. Well, sweet potato chips to be exact. The trending snack Basachago that is winning the hearts of younger generation foodies in Korea not only tastes great with an end-of-this-world texture, but it’s good for you too, being made from 100% sweet potatoes. The name says it all, as “basak” in Korean means “crispy.” Thinly sliced sweet potatoes are baked to a crisp, not fried, to reduce calories and preserve their natural texture, in order to get that ultimate crispiness to live up to its title. Crush them into small pieces and have them with milk as an alternative to cereal, or add them to yogurt to make every mouthful more exciting.


Only fully ripe chestnuts, peeled and put them in pouches. Nothing else was added. While this is a great snacking option, you can also crush chestnuts to serve them for your soup or baby food.  

Fine Quality Dried Seasonal Korean Fruits Chips

Fruit chips made with 100% fruit with no additives.  Hephzibah F&B’s Abisak Fruit Chips, made with fruits selected at their peak from the best growers in Korea and dried using a unique method.  The patented low-temperature drying technique minimizes nutrients being lost in the process while preserving the original aroma, color, taste, and freshness of the fruits.  The chips are delicious with fruity goodness and a clean finish, as they do not get powdery during the drying process.

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