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Jin Tuna Premium Seasoning Sauce (Sell by 3/5/24)

Jin Tuna Premium Seasoning Sauce (Sell by 3/5/24)

SELL BY 03/05/2024

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서림식품 진(眞)참치액

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  • Recommendation: Add a small splash to Korean cuisines including Guk, Jjigae, Namul, Jorim, grilled or fried food. Even on salad.
  • Brand & Artisan: Seolim, a tuna seasoning sauce expert
  • Ingredients: Broth of Korean daikon, onion and kelp. Agaricus mushroom extract.

Storage method: Room temperature.  Store in a cool and dry place. After opening, we recommend to refrigerate it.

Product delivered to you will be at least three months from expiration date unless on sale.


Why so special?

Seolim’s Jin Tuna Premium Seasoning Sauce is not too salty nor too fishy. Agaricus mushroom is the key. The medicinal mushroom originally from Brazil has a sweet taste, good health benefits and is a delicious cooking ingredient. When harvested young, it is sold as a button mushroom - white with a mild flavor. As an older mushroom, its color darkens and flavor richen.

This sauce is also made of a broth of select Korean daikon, kelp, onion and quality fish. You will be pleasantly surprised by the taste adding this sauce will create.


Jin Tuna Premium Seasoning Sauce is a secret kept by many cooks. Adding a spoon or two of it makes Korean dishes like Namul (나물, seasoned vegetables), Guk (국, soup), Jjigae (찌개, stew) and fried foods have more flavor and simply take the taste up to a different level.

Tuna seasoning expert Seolim’s premium sauce has almost no smoky flavor that is common among similar products. Seolim’s new formula includes agaricus mushroom originated in Brazil and known for its sweet taste. The broth of Korean kelp, daikon, and onion prevents the fishy smell.

Good, healthy ingredients make good, healthy food. But sometimes you feel like you still need a little bit of something. That’s when you need this, Seolim’s Jin Tuna Premium Seasoning Sauce. Add only a little. You will always be a good cook.


참치액 조금만 넣어도 음식이 훨씬 맛있어진다는 거 아세요?  국이나 찌개, 나물은 물론 조림이나 볶음 요리에도 사용해 보세요.  매일하는 집반찬부터 일품요리까지 맛을 한층 깊게 해줍니다.

서림식품은 오랫동안 참치액을 연구한 전문회사에요.  특별 노하우로 기존 제품보다 훈연향이 덜한 진참치액을 선보입니다.  국산 다시마, 무, 양파로 낸 육수가 비린내를 잡아주고 구이용으로 많이 쓰이는 고급 어종을 우려내어 감칠맛이 남달라요.  무엇보다 신령 버섯이라고도 불리우는 아가리쿠스 버섯를 넣어 짜지도 않고 잡내도 덜합니다.  브라질에서 산간지역에서 자라는 아가리쿠스 버섯은 맛 뿐만 아니라 항암효과도 있다고 알려지면서 인기 많은 식재료가 되었지요.

훌륭한 식재료로 만든 요리에 얹는 진참치액.  조금씩 맛을 보아 가면서 사용하시면 처음 쓰시는 분들도 금새 그 매력에 빠져들거에요.

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