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Tea Break Bundle

Tea Break Bundle

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  • Ssanghwa Original: Ssanghwa extract 30% (peony 26.06%, Cnidium rhizome 11.84%, milkvetch root 11.84%, angelica gigas root, Rehmannia glutinosa, licorice, cinnamon, jujube, dried ginger), ginger extract 22% (solids, Korea), jujube 15% (Korea), almond 15% (USA), sesame seeds 13% (Korea), brown sugar 5% (Korea)
  • Net Weight: Original 370g (13.05oz)


  • Ginger Tea: Includes 15% honey, which pairs wonderfully with ginger while neutralizing its pungent taste


  • Your Daily Fill Soybeans: 100% Korean soybeans

Storage Method:  Store at room temperature.


Ssanghwa Dabang: Located in the pristine region of Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, Satgat Market is a brand producing tea with prime ingredients by a couple who are well versed in traditional tea.

Jandari Village is a community-owned and operated company that makes products with non-GMO soybeans grown in Korea.



Ssanghwa Original.
If you are new to ssanghwacha, we recommend you begin with the Original flavor. The pungent ginger extract forms an excellent balance, and there are plenty of toppings to make things colorful.

Rich, Soothing Ginger Tea. The Real Thing.
Ginger tea in granule form, made from a pure extract from seasonally harvested ginger grown in Seosan.

Your Daily Fill Soybeans.
If you’re a lover of beans, we have a treat for you. Made with 40% blue soybeans, 40% soybeans, and 20% black soybeans, Jandari Village Your Daily Fill Soybeans is the perfect way to taste different types of Korean soybeans in one delicious tub.

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