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Zodiac: Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

Zodiac: Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

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Ginger Extract: Ginger 28% (Korea), Sugar, Apple 18% (Korea), sugar cane powder, Cinnamon

Citron Grain Syrup: All natural, all locally farmed rice, barley, and yuja (yuzu) citrus fruit

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Much like their personalities, Scorpios are all about bold and intense flavors. As a passionate person with a big appetite, you're drawn to foods that you deem as interesting as you. 


Ginger Extract

The chewy texture and consistency were completed by adding chopped ginger once more and brewing ginger extract.

  • Only 100% Gyeongju-grown ingredients are made.
  • No artificial food additives are used.
  • It is carefully made with only 100 hours of waiting

Citron Grain Syrup

Amber colored, smooth pouring, and sweet with no sugar, Father’s Hill Citrus Grain Syrup is a nutritious alternative for those mindful of their sugar intake.  This grain syrup is infused with natural yuja (yuzu), providing a sweet and sour citrus infusion of flavors.

  • With the hint of citrus, this syrup is best for marinating meat, use in salad dressings, or even spread on toast. Basically this citrus grain syrup will replace any recipe using sugar
  • Say goodbye to sugar forever. Substitute sugar with the grain syrup. Pour 1¼ cup grain syrup for one cup of sugar
  • Farm-to-bottle using organic rice, barley, brown rice, glutinous rice, and black beans
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