Roasted Grain Powder (Sweet) 청오 든든한 한끼 달콤한맛



Roasted Grain Powder (Sweet) 청오 든든한 한끼 달콤한맛
Roasted Grain Powder (Sweet) 청오 든든한 한끼 달콤한맛
Roasted Grain Powder (Sweet) 청오 든든한 한끼 달콤한맛
Roasted Grain Powder (Sweet) 청오 든든한 한끼 달콤한맛

Introducing another option for the busy, modern lifestyle.  This hearty grain powder from Chung-O is slightly sweetened and easier to grab-and-go with its dedicated bottle.  The bottle is filled with nutritional ingredients made from grains harvested from pesticide-free farms.  Pour cold water or any form of milk to shake lightly and enjoy.

  • Great for moms whose children don’t eat much.  Every ingredient in this healthy mix is from clean sources, and easy to drink.
  • Perfect for busy people on-the-go.
  • Convenient. Simply shake it with milk, soy milk or water.

물만 준비하세요!  든든한 한끼가 완성되는 아침식사가 여기 있습니다.  제품 이름대로 ‘든든한 한끼‘는 바쁜 아침 시간에도 건강을 챙길 수 있는 든든한 간편식 입니다.  개별 보틀 패키지로 출시된 ‘청오‘의 든든한 한끼 제품은 기존 선식이나 미숫가루를 타먹을 때의 불편함 마저 개선했습니다.  쉐이커와 텀블러가 따로 필요 없어서, 물이나 우유만 있다면 언제 어디서나 쉽게 만들 수 있습니다.  좋은 원료만을 엄선하는 ‘청오’의 선식, 발아 곡물 제품은 청결한 공정에서 제조되어 더욱 건강하고 안전합니다.  출근길, 등교길에 가벼운 건강선식 보틀을 챙겨보세요.  든든한 아침식사로, 건강한 다이어트 식단으로 추천합니다.


Chung-O is the pioneer of Korean organic movement.  Since 1993 when it started as a baby food company, Chung-O team traveled to every corner in Korea to convince farmers to grow organic crops.  Now all of over 100 contracted farms supply organically and environment-friendly grown crops. All of the farms are at least pesticide-free for at least three years.

Every sprout grain and seed from Chung-O is washed 3-5 times to ensure they are super clean.

Why so special? 

Chung-O believes food is at best in its most natural state, providing abundant nutrition for us.  That’s why Chung-O invests passionately in its technology to process ingredients with maximum benefit at minimum harm.  Seeds and grains are packed with important nutrients for the body, especially when they are sprouted.

  • Brand & Artisan: Chung-O is best known for its sprout grain and powder mix, and organic food products  

Net weight: 50g (=1.8 oz) 
Ingredients contain soybean, wheat, and milk.

Product delivered to you will be at least two months from expiration date unless on sale.