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Pure Farms

Squeezable Jelly-Jjoo

Squeezable Jelly-Jjoo

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  • Ingredients:

Squeezable Apple Jelly-Jjoo: Purified Water, Organic Sugar, Korean Apple Juice from Concentrate 10%, Natural Flavors, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Gonyak Powder, Calcium Lactate

Squeezable Grape Jelly-Jjoo: Purified Water, Organic Sugar, Korean Grape Juice from Concentrate 10%, Natural flavors, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid, Gonyak Powder, Calcium Lactate

  • Process: HACCP

 Net Weight: 100 ml

Storage Method:  Shipping and storage conditions may affect the jelly-like consistency of the gonyak. Refrigerate before consuming for best texture and consistency.

Best Before Date: Printed on the package.


Pure Farms 맑은농장 is is dedicated in using only the best quality fruits without adding any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and additives when making their products.  The company implements a strict comprehensive supervision process that oversees all stages from washing, processing, and storage to bring to customers the best products they can offer.

맑은농장은 좋은 과일을 정성껏 선별할 뿐 아니라 합성착색료, 합성향료, 합성 감미료, 합성보존료를 쓰지 않습니다.  또한 원료의 세척, 가공 및 보관까지 전과정을 원스톱으로 관리 감독하며 철저한 위생처리 과정을 거칩니다. 


Fruit jelly pouch drinks.  Children love to grab and squeeze away to get a mouthful of these sweet jiggly treats.  Now wouldn’t it be great if these were good for them too, without you having to worry if they contain any artificial ingredients?  Well, you’re in luck.   Already a well-trusted snack among shoppers for its no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and additive content, Squeezable Jelly-Jjoo 짜먹는 젤리쭈 from Pure Farms맑은농장 is a fruit jelly drink on a whole different level.  Made from gonyak, konjak, or also known as devil’s tongue, that comes from a root of a plant, they boast a bouncy texture that cannot be compared to those water jelly drinks, with real juicy flavors that can only come from real fruit concentrates.  None of that artificial stuff that we don’t want anyway.  The drinks may be a bit lumpy at times as they are made from all natural gonyak, so give the pouch a nice squeeze here and there while having them!

Apple or Grapes, just take your pick!

Apple Jelly Jjoo and Grape Jelly-Jjoo are made from Korea-grown apples and grapes, containing 10% apple juice and 8% grape juice from concentrate respectively.

쪽쪽 짜먹는 재미로 아이들을 사로잡는 파우치형 젤리.  아이들이 너무 좋아하기에 사주게 되지만 혹시나 합성원료가 들어 있지 않은지, 후면 라벨을 살펴보게 되는게 엄마 마음이죠.  아무 제품이나 먹이고 싶지 않다면 4무(무 합성착색료, 무 합성향료, 무 합성감미료, 무 합성보존료) 젤리를 골라주세요.  맘들 사이에 ‘믿고 먹이는 곤약젤리’로 정평이 난 제품이 바로 맑은농장의 짜먹는 젤리쭈랍니다.  곤약으로 만든 탱글탱글한 젤리로 워터젤리와는 차원이 달라요.  또 인공 과일향이 아닌 진짜 과일 농축 과즙을 듬뿍 담았기 때문에 맛과 향이 진하고 맛있는 젤리쭈입니다.  천연 곤약 제품이기 때문에 뭉쳐 있을 수 있어요.  아이가 먹기 전에 제품이 잘 나올 수 있도록 조물조물 주물러 먹게 해주세요. 

사과맛, 포도맛 골고루 준비해 취향에 따라 다른 맛을 즐기도록 해주세요.

사과 젤리쭈에는 국내산 사과 농축과즙이 10%나 들었어요. 

포도 젤리쭈에는 국내산 포도 농축과즙이 8%나 들었어요. 

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