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Pure Farms

Juice (Carrot Apple and Berry Berry)

Juice (Carrot Apple and Berry Berry)

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  • Carrot Apple Juice: Carrot Juice 60%, Apple Juice 40%
  • Berry Berry Juice: Grape Juice 60%, Strawberry Juice 38.4%, Aronia Berry Juice 1%, Blueberry Juice 0.6%

Process: HACCP

Net Weight: 100 ml (3.4 fl. oz)

Storage Method: Store in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

Best Before Date: Printed on the package.


Pure Farms 맑은농장 is dedicated in using only the best quality fruits without adding any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and additives when making their products.  The company implements a strict comprehensive supervision process that oversees all stages from washing, processing, and storage to bring to customers the best products they can offer.

맑은농장은 좋은 과일을 정성껏 선별할 뿐 아니라 합성착색료, 합성향료, 합성 감미료, 합성보존료를 쓰지 않습니다.  또한 원료의 세척, 가공 및 보관까지 전과정을 원스톱으로 관리 감독하며 철저한 과정을 거쳐 제품을 탄생시킵니다. 


Introducing Carrot Apple Juice and Berry Berry Juice from Pure Farms 맑은농장, a company that is committed to making products solely and for the good of children.  That doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy the perks as well. Carrot Apple Juice is a premium fruit drink made from 100% Korea-grown carrots and apples rich in beta carotene and vitamin C respectively, without adding anything else.  Not even sugar.  Berry Berry Juice is also all natural and rich in antioxidants, consisting almost entirely of juices from Korean grapes and strawberries.  Children will love drinking out of the easy spout packages, and come summer, pop them in the freezer to make them into fruity sherbet treats. 

어린이들을 위한 어린이들을 위해 태어난 맑은 농장의 당근사과주스, 베리베리주스를 소개합니다.  물론 어른들이 먹어도 굿이죠!  당근사과주스는 베타카로틴 함량이 높은 국내산 당근과 비타민 C가 풍부한 국내산 사과 외에 첨가물은 물론, 설탕도 들어 있지 않은 100% 프리미엄 주스입니다.  베리베리주스 또한 항산화와 눈 건강에 좋은 한국산 베리류로 만들었어요.  어떤 첨가물도 없이 오직 포도와 딸기 과즙이 대부분의 원료입니다.  어린이들이 먹기 좋은 스파우트 파우치 타입으로, 여름철에는 얼려 먹을 수도 있어요.   

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