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Plum and Pine Bundle

Plum and Pine Bundle

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  • Ingredients:  Organic meshil, organic sugar
  • Process: HACCP

Pine Nuts

  • Ingredients: Organic pine nuts

62-Sam in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do is a brand specializing in eco-friendly nut and grain processed foods. When read together, the numbers 6 and 2 stand for the same sounding word in Korean that means “connect.”  It represents the coexistence and continuous cooperative relationship with agricultural farms that grow eco-friendly products. 

Meshil is a premium maesil extract brand in Korea, paving its way around the world promoting maesil from Hadong area. The modern design that fits the current food trend is secret to Meshil’s quick success.  Meshil was launched in Paris, France in 2018, and quickly distributed among fine-dining Korean restaurants in France, and also sold in Le Bon Marché, one of the most exquisite department stores in Paris. 


Organic Korean Plum Extract Meshil

Maesil is a green plum or green apricot, which actually is the fruit of the famously beautiful cherry blossom tree growing in east Asia.  Maesil has been in Korean kitchens for centuries for its medicinal benefits.

Meshil is a premium maesil extract made with organic green maesil grown by the Jiri Mountain in Hadong, KyungsangNam-Do, the largest maesil growing region in Korea. Honoring the 1500 years of traditional fermentation method, Meshil juices are fermented for over 3 years in oongi, Korean traditional terracotta pottery.

Organic Pine Nuts by 62-Sam

The eco-friendly nut brand 62-Sam that once brought you pesticide-free nuts introduces organic pine nuts.  They are the seeds of pine trees, and those grown in colder and higher environments have a deeper flavor.  The organically grown Yeongwol pine nuts are large with an excellent taste and aroma. 

  • Korean-grown pine nuts only, carefully selected, then roasted

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