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Songlim Dohyang

Pine Gift

Pine Gift

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황장목 소나무 선물 세트

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Pine Infused Tea

  • Ingredient: The Royal Tree Tea Hwangjangmok Pine Tree Heartwood (Korea) 100% (황장목 소나무 줄기 100%(한국산))
  • Net Weight: 1 box (2 g X 10 bags 개입)
  • Storage Method: Store at room temperature, in a cool dry place

 Pine Infused Sea Salt

  • Ingredient: Hwangjangmok Pine Tree Heartwood (Korea) 5%, Reprocessed sea salt (Taean Jayeom) 95% (황장목 소나무 줄기 5%(한국산), 재제소금(태안자염) 95%)
  • Net Weight: 200 g
  • Storage Method: Store at room temperature, in a cool dry place


Daesan, the company that created Songlim Dohyang, is funded by the Marine Bio Fusion Operation Headquarters of the Gangneung Science and Industry Promotion Agency.  They are the first in the world to offer food products using the heartwood of Hwangjangmok pine trees and are devoted to biological research in analyzing substances such as polyphenols and terpene, as well as finding indicator materials.  Every step of production is scrutinized and processed by master artisans and the Hwangjangmok is sourced from Gangneung Lumber Mill, a place that has been supplying the finest quality pine trees for 45 years.  In addition, the CTO Kim Namhee, along with Korea University and KIST teams, are continuing the research about Hwangjangmok, proving its value as a superior bioresource.


Pine Infused Tea

The heartwood of a majestic 150-year-old pine tree now available as a wellness tea.  Allow the aromatic pine scent to transport you to the lush mountains of Yeongdong, Korea.

Tea Drinking Tips

It’s like taking in the goodness of the lush green forest with every cup of Songlim Dohyang, The Royal Tree Tea.  Let the comforting yet refreshing aroma of the majestic pines calm your body and your mind. 

  • Use hot boiling water of 203°F or hotter.  Hotter the tea water the better.  Teabags made from 100% cotton which means you don’t have to worry about microplastic residues. Instead, you can focus on enjoying the natural flavors of the tea.
  • Concentrate and breathe in the aroma first, letting yourself really smell and take in the fullness of the pine.  Then carefully take a sip, slowly rolling the tea in your mouth and feeling every little change that comes to you.
  • A single tea bag can be reused up to 7 times.  The first cup may be a bit pungent and but from the second cup onwards it will leave a sweet lasting taste.  From the first to the third cup, seep for 3 mins or longer, and then seep 5 to 7 mins for every cup after that.  The first cup will be the most aromatic, while the taste will be at its best on the second cup.

Pine Infused Sea Salt

To produce this premium salt, the heartwoods of the finest pine trees are naturally aged, ground into a soft, fine powder, then blended with a fine salt called Taean jayeom. Produced in the Taean region, the Taean jayeom is made using traditional methods of boiling seawater. This meticulous aging process infuses the salt with a refreshing pine scent. Leaving you with a fragrant and wholesome seasoning.

Seasoning Tips

  • We recommend you first try the salt as is, to experience its true taste without adding any other flavors. Let the distinct scent of pines leave an impression in your mouth.
  • Dab a little bit of it on a piece of juicy meat or fresh seafood.  The aroma of the heartwood will complete the deep savory taste.
  • It’s also great with bread, cheese, or crackers.  As you know, saltiness can bring out more flavors in food.
  • Try it as an after-meal finish.  You can end your meal with a refreshing touch.

What is the heartwood of Hwangjangmok, or the royal tree?  

Hwangjangmok, a native of Korea, is the other name of the geumgang pine tree.  Its name was inspired by its golden-colored wood that was coveted by the royals during the Joseon Dynasty.  Today, heartwood is studied extensively for its high levels of a self-protective substance called Pinosylvin, a type of polyphenol.  The innermost core of this tree is called heartwood.  Pine tree heartwood, in particular Hwangjangmok heartwood, has uniquely high levels of polyphenol as well as other beneficial substances.  This core also has a deep, distinct aroma that can be enjoyed as a tea and help us calm and regenerate our bodies and minds.

For these reasons, Songlim Dohyang uses majestic Hwangjangmok pine trees that are at least 150 years old.  The trees are grown in the remote mountains of Yeongdong in the province of Gangwon.  After being cut, the logs are de-barked then left exposed to the natural powers of sun, ocean, and wind for six months to several years until the resin is dried.  Only the inner core, infused with strong flavors of the dried logs, is extracted.  A long and meticulous process is carried out to procure only the purest infusion.

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