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Organic Teatime Set (Gokwoo)

Organic Teatime Set (Gokwoo)

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유기농 티타임 세트

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    Ingredients of three products:
    • Handpicked organic green tea during Gokwoo  
    • Wild honey, bellflower, Yellow soybean
    • Honey, sugar, persimmon.

    Net Weight: 6.35 oz (180 g)
    Best Before Date:
    Printed on package
    Storage Method: Room temperature.  Store in a cool and dry place.  
    Product delivered to you will be at least two months from expiration date unless on sale.


    Serve fine, organic green tea from Bohyang Dawon paired with a selection of delicacies from Seoga enjoyed by the royal family.



    Organic Green Tea Grinbee (Gokwoo)

    Bohyang Dawon in Boseong has been a tea field run by the same family since 1937.  The Choi Family, famous for their super premium Organic Gold Tea, presents the second Grade, Organic Green Tea Gokwoo.  

    Tea's grade is determined by the date when tea leaves are harvested.  Korea still uses 24 Jeolgi (절기) or seasonal days that have been a calendar for agriculture.  Gokwoo (곡우), the sixth of 24 Jeolgi, means grain rain and has been the most important date for tea growers.  Tea using tea leaves harvested prior to Gokwoo, usually April 20, is called Woojeon (우전) meaning "before Gokwoo."  It is considered the highest quality tea. Tea from tea leaves harvested during Gokwoo is called GokwooGokwoo, the second grade, and carries a long lasting, incomparable aroma and taste.

    Bellflower Jelly in Soybean Powder

    Seoga uses the grain of the bellflower to delicately and gently care for the bellflower then carefully brewed for over 100 hours. The well-boiled jeonggwa is steamed once again to moisten the surface and dried slowly for a long time at the optimum room temperature. As grains ripen, the deep taste is matured through three days of aging.

    Dried Persimmon Jelly

    Persimmons are sliced, sugar added, then repeatedly dried for 3 days to create a chewy texture. It is a traditional snack with a sweet and sour texture that makes you feel good when you take a bite.

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