Munchy Bunchy - Snack Box

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Munchy Bunchy - Snack Box
Munchy Bunchy - Snack Box

We’ve been staying home for almost a year now.  Streaming subscriptions have become an essential household thing now.  Kim’C Market has prepared a Snack Box for yummy and healthy couch potato needs.  Limited quantity available.

  • Ddoddomom Real Puffing 또또맘 리얼퍼핑
    • 3 of Cheese
    • 3 of Strawberry Banana
    • 3 of Chocolate
  • 1 of Badasoop Gamtae Caramel 감태카라멜
  • 2 of Sumidam Chamoe Jocheong Yugwa 참외가좋아 유과가 좋다
  • 4 of Honey Chestnut 산골꿀밤
  • Oyster Mushroom Chips and Shiitake Mushroom Chips 버섯칩
    • 4 of Shiitake Mushroom
    • 4 of Oyster Mushroom
  • 2 of Hokklak Grain Chips 호끌락 칩60 g
  • 2 of 62-Sam Almond Crisp Jujube 아몬드 바삭대추  20g
  • 2 of 62-Sam Brazilian Nut Crisp Jujube 브라질너트 바삭대추  25g