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Changeok Tteokjib

Mugwort Rice Cake with Soybean Flour (Pack of 3)

Mugwort Rice Cake with Soybean Flour (Pack of 3)

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창억떡집 쑥인절미

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  • Mugwort Glutinous Rice Cake with Soybean Flour: Mugwort rice cake sheet [glutinous rice flour {glutinous rice (Korea), purified water, sugar, sea salt (Korea)}, purified water, mugwort (Korean), processed salt (Korea)], soybean flour [soybean (China), sugar, sea salt (Korea)]
  • Soybean Flour: Soybean (China), sugar, sea salt (Korea)
  • 향긋함 가득 쑥인절미: 쑥시트[찹쌀가루{찹쌀(한국산), 정제수, 설탕, 천일염(한국산)}, 정제수, 쑥(한국산), 가공소금(한국산)], 콩가루[대두(중국산), 설탕, 천일염(한국산)]
  • 콩가루: 대두(중국산), 설탕, 천일염(한국산)

Process: HACCP
Net Weight: Mugwort Glutinous Rice Cake 100 g (3.5 oz) + Soybean Flour
쑥인절미 100g + 콩가루 1봉 x Pack of 3
Storage Method:
Keep frozen. Thaw and consume the same day.
냉동 보관하세요. 드시기 전 해동하고 당일 섭취하세요.


Changeok Rice Cake House started in a small corner shop at an outdoor market in Gwangju in 1965. Fifty-five years later, Changeok Rice Cake House has become a manufacturing corporation and loved by people from all corners of Korea. It is the largest tteok manufacturing facility in Naju-area, geared with the latest technology and machineries.

1965년 광주 동명동 도내기 시장에서 시작된 작은 창억떡집은 50여 년이 흐른 지금, 광주와 전남 지역을 대표하는 떡집이자 어엿한 식품 기업, ‘창억떡’으로 성장했습니다. 한국 최대 규모(나주 공장 3,400여 평) 생산라인을 갖추고 떡 공정에 최첨단 원스톱 시스템으로 위생적인 생산을 하고 있습니다.


The premium brand Changeok Rice Cake brings you fragrant injeolmi made with finely ground young mugwort that tastes of spring. Made with 100% Korean rice and natural ingredients.
· Be sure to sprinkle the enclosed soybean flour. Don’t let the name throw you off. It’s adds a whole other level of flavor.
· If you have a sweet tooth, add honey or berry jam to get a compound of flavors.

봄향기 가득한 어리고 연한 쑥을 곱게 갈아 넣은 향긋한 쑥인절미입니다. 100% 한국산 쌀과 천연재료로 야무지게 만들었어요.
고소한 콩가루가 들어 있으니 뿌려 드세요.
달콤한 꿀이나 딸기잼, 베리잼 등을 더해 드시면 맛이 더 풍성해져요.

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